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Why Time Is Critical When Trying To Save A Marriage

Can this marriage be saved?
Or has too much time gone and damage done?

If you want to save your marriage - time is of the essence. This is because problems that lead to marriage break down often start off small. And if left untreated, these small problems can fester and build up into bigger ones between the couple. If this goes far enough, the marriage can sometimes be beyond repair.

Consequently help to save your marriage should be sought early. The best form of help to seek is marriage therapy as it's specifically designed for marriages that are in difficulty. Other forms of counseling can help but it's always best to see someone who specializes in the area of marriage.

But how do you know if you need therapy? Don’t all marriages have difficulty from time to time? The answer is yes but if the problems are starting to bother you and are affecting the proper functioning of your relationship, then you know help should be sought.

7 Questions To Ask When Considering Marriage Therapy

Asking yourself the following questions will give a better idea as to whether you need marriage therapy or not to save your marriage.

  1. Did you get married young?

  2. Did you finish high school?

  3. Have you a different religion to your spouse?

  4. Did your mother and father get divorced?

  5. Are you on a low level of income?

  6. Do you argue with each other a lot?

  7. Do you both withdraw from each other?

Answering yes to the majority of the above means that you are at a much higher risk of divorcing than a couple who communicate well and are more compatible with each other.

Consequently to save your marriage, help should be sought to improve these areas before they build up too much resentment between the couple.

The Importance Of Conflict Resolution Skills

Even though every couple experience conflict from time to time in their marriage, it's the happy couples that seem to be able to deal with disagreements better. This is in essence down to good communication and good conflict resolution skills. Not all people are blessed with these skills and if your relationship doesn't have these at hand, marriage therapy is a good place to develop them.

In my book "THE LOVEMAP CODE: How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You Using Psychology" I show how to maintain a healthy relationship with your partner by inducing positive emotions in them.

Doing this builds a bond of love between the couple, which is a key factor to save a troubled marriage. While every marriage will go through difficulties in their life span, it's the ones who work on things that can ensure a happy marriage.

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