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The Mentality You NEED To Get Rid Of When Fighting For Your Marriage

You never lose when fighting for your marriage. You only lose if you abandon hope and don’t fight. The fate of your marriage can be in your hands even if you think that your situation is hopeless. Loss of hope can be as a result of the pain that you are feeling and not knowing what to do. But there is no such thing as a hopeless situation.

If you can work through whatever is causing your problems, you can save your marriage and rebuild a better one. It’s not always an easy task though. But fighting for something as valuable as marriage is always worth it.

Logic tells us that if something is useless, we throw them away. Well, that can definitely be applied to a failing marriage. Anything that doesn’t work in a marriage, throw it away! It could be the reason why it’s failing after all.

8 Things You Must Let Go Of...

  1. The “I’m always right” mentality: Marriage should not be a battle of who wins. It should always be a win-win situation for you and your spouse. It is more important to create a harmonious marriage where both opinions are respected.

  2. The “What will others say or think?” mentality: Don’t get yourself preoccupied with other people’s impression of your marriage. No marriage is perfect and every couple has their share of conflicts and misunderstandings once in a while. Focus your concerns instead on solving your problems rather than worrying on what others have to say.

  3. Preconceived notions of how to react in certain situations: Sometimes, we tell ourselves that if our spouse commits a particular offense, we won’t be able to forgive them anymore and end the marriage. However, in reality situations are different. And there is no definite answer that fits every case. You should always consider all the circumstances before making a decision.

  4. Everything should be in order/control: In life, things bound to happen will happen. And not everything will work out as planned. Be open-minded because you just can’t control everything. But you can control your decisions and actions so that everything still falls into place.

  5. The “Kiss and tell” attitude: In marriage, privacy is valuable. Telling others everything that’s going on with your marriage or about your spouse’s issues won’t help the marriage at all. It will just spark problems when your spouse learns what picture of him you have painted in others’ minds. You can share that you’re going through a hard time and need support, but don’t disclose every detail.

  6. The “I don’t need help” attitude: The truth is, you’re not a superhuman. No one is. There are things that you won’t be able to handle on your own without help. And it’s never a bad idea to use resources that are available, such as counseling. An experienced counselor can help you explore your options and make a wise decision.

  7. Doing things only to please others: Don’t pretend you’re happily married for your parents to see, or for your friends to praise. And most of all don’t pretend everything is okay just so you won’t hurt your spouse. It won’t change the fact that your marriage isn’t fine. Being honest, most especially to your spouse can help him see that there is indeed a problem that needs to be fixed.

  8. Others have to agree with you: It’s always easier to make a decision when others agree with you. But it is not always necessary. If all your friends tell you to divorce your spouse, it doesn’t mean it’s the best decision to make. Remember - you are the captain of your own ship. Do what you think is best for you and be ready to face the consequences of your decisions. Just be sure that it’s what you really want.

Final Thought on Fighting For Your Marriage

Fighting for your marriage entails a willingness to make it work. It could mean doing changes within yourself to change the failing relationship and turning it into a successful one.

So don’t be afraid to look down any avenue when trying to save your marriage. You usually only get one shot to do so.

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