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The 3 Problem Areas To Avoid To Making Marriage Work

Want to know how to make a marriage work?
But not sure where to look to get your advice?

“Till death do us part.” This is the vow that couples make during their wedding and yet 50% of marriages in the United States end in divorce.

Couples from the previous generation stayed together for 25, 50 years and more. And now we are faced with a big question: Is making marriage work difficult nowadays?

It cannot be denied that couples experience difficulties in their married lives. Are these problems reason enough to give up and forget your vows? - No. No marriage is perfect, but there are always ways to help keep you and your spouse’s relationship harmonious.

What areas should we watch?

There are three common problems in marriage. They involve the following:

  1. Money: Money is believed to be the main cause of 90% of divorces. Couples usually argue about credit card debts and money spent irresponsibly. And then one starts blaming the other for financial problems. If household finances are properly structured based on core values, then money shouldn’t be an issue.

  2. In-laws: Interference of in-laws, as well as the extended family, in the marriage often drives people nuts. Some parents just couldn’t let go of their children and involve themselves in their child’s married relationship. If this is the case, you and your spouse should talk about setting your families’ boundaries and communicate it with them.

  3. Intimacy: Newlyweds are the happiest couples. They are excited about spending their lives together forever, until reality sets in and they find out that married life is difficult. And then they start drifting apart as they get preoccupied with their jobs. It is important for you to remember that you and your spouse have individual needs. Spend time together, just like how you did when you were still dating. 

Marriage is a lifetime commitment. The previous generation made it work. You also can. Just keep in mind these principles. They won’t make your marriage perfect, but it definitely can make it work.

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