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How To Save A Marriage - By Not Comparing It To Other Marriages

One of the easiest ways that tensions can build in a marriage is if you look at your friends or relations marriages and envy how happy they are while your marriage is just "plain". But this is an illusion.

A couple experiencing marriage problems don't generally tend to show their difficulties in public. The problems are behind closed doors. Consequently you may be thinking that every other couple in your life is having a healthy and happy marriage and you may be envious of them.

However, what you're not seeing, are the difficulties they may be having behind the scenes. Consequently any problems you're having will seem multiplied in your eyes.

Marriages Aren't Perfect By Nature

You must acknowledge that marriages aren't perfect by nature but rather need to be worked on to make them work. All happy marriages require work. Work, which one or both of you may not have been giving to your marriage.

If you fall into the trap of thinking that there is something wrong with your marriage because it isn't as "happy" and "perfect" as other couples marriages that you might know, you could fall into the trap of wanting to exit what could be actually a decent marriage.

Its often touted that because divorce is so common nowadays, its very easy for someone to jump needlessly from a marriage. In the past, it used be the norm for marriages to last decades. The marriage may not have always been the happiest, but the couple stuck with it and made their way through the bad times to make their marriage last. This was largely due to societies expectations on marriage and the negative view people were held in if they had a failed marriage.

But this is not the case anymore...

However in today’s world, marriage problems and divorce are not as frowned upon as they once were. Nowadays a marriage can fail and no one will think a lot of it.

While it's a good thing that people are not forced to spend their lives in a loveless marriage like in the past, the problem nowadays is that it can be too easy for a couple to look the other way in the face of marital difficulties or even perceived marital difficulties if you dont think you're not getting as good a deal as your neighbor.

The mentality can set in, that they can always just start afresh with someone new and maybe that relationship will be better. The reality however is that the next marriage again will not be able to match the perceived superiority of other peoples marriages and so the cycle repeats itself.

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