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How To Save Your Marriage By Visiting A Divorcee

People are always looking for a quick fix solution to any problem they face. That’s why you see so many get rich quick schemes out there – they’re appealing to this desire to take shortcuts. Unfortunately there isn't a "silver bullet" that will save your marriage.

If you want to save your marriage, you can't afford to take short cuts. Marriage is a life long investment and as such any problems it encounters should be addressed with respect. However, if i was to offer one "silver bullet" as it were, i would advise arranging to meet with a divorcee and asking them for advice.

Talk to them about the problems they feel led to their divorce and what they think they should have done differently. Time can make problems appear clearer. It can also make it easier to see how a problem should have been dealt with. Seeing a divorcee in person and hearing their story should make you realize what you've still got, and provide motivation to give your all in trying to save your marriage.

Understanding The Nature Of Marriage Itself

A long lasting marriage that doesn't have problems at some stage is a rare occurrence. If you want to know how to save your marriage, you first have to understand that the very nature of a marriage involves two separate individuals with two separate personalities coming together. Therefore clashes and difficulties will be inevitable.

However when the difficulties encountered are beyond what the couple can comfortably manage, it raises concern. Studies have shown that the most common reasons behind troubled marriages include:

  • Unmet expectations

  • Financial problems

  • Poor communication

It's also been found that marriages tend to become less satisfying after the first baby arrives. Knowing the reasons why divorces occur will help you avoid making those same mistakes and work on improving them to save your marriage.

Final Thought

In trying to save a marriage, it's important you give it everything you've got. This is because marriages that end in haste usually have long term negative side effects on the people involved. Only when you've tried everything and still failed, are you free to let the marriage and the tangle of emotions go and be able to move on.

It should be noted, that it's possible to save your marriage if your partner isn't even co-operating in trying to fix things. In my book "THE LOVEMAP CODE: How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You Using Psychology", I show how love isn't some magical thing based on:

  • Destiny

  • Fate

  • Or luck etc

But rather is an emotion that can be controlled and which you can induce in someone else for you. I show how to scan a person’s subconscious and program them to see you as a better match than they currently see you.

This is even easier to do if you've already been married to the person as you'll have a better idea of their thought processes, their past experiences and hopes for the future - all things which are necessary to know to get inside a partners heart and thus save your marriage.

Saving your marriage isn't going to be easy, but with the correct knowledge and approach, it becomes significantly within your reach.

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