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What kind of marriage issues are normal?

Marriage can seem like bliss until you are faced with the many marriage issues that inevitably strike. Indeed many have fears about getting married because of the responsibilities that go along with it.

One has to fully understand that after the wedding ceremony, you are no longer two but one. And when children arrive on the scene, your responsibilities explode in number.

The 5 Main Marriage Issues That Face Couples

Here are some sources of marital stress and marriage issues that couples are sure to face. The thing about these is that its normal to have these occur in your relationship. Indeed just about every relationship will experience a few of them over the course of their marriage.

So it doesn't necessarily mean that your marriage is in trouble per say, but that you need to watch them and take care of them to ensure that your marriage stays healthy.

  1. Money: Financial matters can be a big issue in marriage. Couples get stressed and fight over money, which is symbolic of other related issues underlying it. These issues may include power struggle, different values towards money and budgeting and other issues concerning money. With the present economic situation, more and more couples are stressed facing money issues in their marriage.

  2. Children: Some couples are slow to adapt to the changes that having children brings to their once peaceful and calm home. Having children means having more responsibilities, more mouths to feed, changing roles, less time for bonding with your spouse, etc. Disciplining children can also create an issue if both parents have different ways of bringing up their children as they themselves were brought up differently.

  3. Poor communication: Many consider this as a major factor of divorce in married couples. It is ironic how two people can get so tangled up with each other’s lives when they are still sweethearts but eventually lose the spark and communicate less after they get married. Healthy communication is the key to a successful marriage; poor communication only leads to major marriage problems.

  4. Busy schedules: When both spouses are working, they inevitably spend more time at work than staying at home with each other. This means they have less time to bond and the busier they get the more they will be drifting away from each other. Other issues will surface too like who takes responsibility with the chores at home, who will bring the kids to school and who will fetch them.

  5. Bad habits: Minor as they may seem, bad habits can also take their toll and irritate your spouse. As much as you do not want to be told to change a bad habit, consider examining yourself and assess the bad habits that irritate your spouse. Resolve to stop or change them.

Final Thought On Marriage Issues

Remember that each of these marriage issues can be worked on. If you and your spouse want to work on your marriage and try to preserve it, then you have to be tolerant of each other’s little mistakes. Everything can be solved when you sit down and find solutions to your problems together as a couple.

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