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How does marriage change a relationship?

Are you wondering what changes in a marriage relationship? A lot, and no matter what you do, you won’t be able to change the fact that changes will happen.

Some people view the change as something negative. They compare marriage to a prison wherein there is no freedom.

However, this doesn’t have to be the case. It will only become negative if you view it as such. And it will only create problems if you let it.

What changes will we see?

Let us go over the ways a relationship will be changed by marriage:

  • Marriage changes the level of commitment between the couple: Since marriage makes a relationship legally binding, you should both be 100% committed to make it work. There is a need to develop a strong bond in marriage so that you will be able to withstand all the challenges of a married life.

  • Marriage changes your singularity: You already have someone to have a special sense of connection. Your spouse’s family is already your family, in the same way that your family is already his or hers. When you bear children together, the connection becomes broader. And if you get divorced, it will not change the fact that you will always be an ex-husband or ex-wife, and the parent of your children.

  • Marriage changes the actions you take: You already have another person to put into consideration once you get married. Where you live, work, or how you spend money, is not your choice alone anymore. Making decisions or actions without your spouse’s consent can cause marital issues and weaken your marriages foundation.

  • Marriage changes your sexual activity in some manner: Majority of couples agree that the intimacy does change in marriage. For some, sex becomes more exciting while for others it becomes boring. The frequency and level of satisfaction changes to some degree.

  • Marriage changes your relationships outside of the marriage: There are certain relationships that may not be healthy to keep once you are married. Otherwise they may negatively affect your marriage and may even force you to choose. However, not all outside relationships should be severed. Positive relationships you maintained before marriage will in fact be strengthened with marriage. Your will not only gain a partner, but also a network of friends.

  • Marriage changes your personal skills and develops your emotional proficiencies: Marriage has the capacity to help you mature in many areas. You become more patient, forgiving, responsible, and can endure many hardships in life.

  • Marriage changes your level of communication: With time, you will be able to develop a different level of communicating in marriage. Even when things are not said, you’ll be able to understand the non-verbal communication of your spouse. Better communication means a better relationship for you.

  • Marriage changes your personal goals, ambition, and your desires: You will find that some things that you wanted when you were single are no longer fit when you’re married. Your plans will change to suit that of a married life. Others turn bitter because of unmet original plans due to marriage, while others are happy to redesign their lives and build their dreams as a couple.

  • Marriage changes your health: Some research revealed that married men live longer, while women's lives get shorter with marriage. Whether the research is true to all or not, marriage will certainly change your health if you change your lifestyle. Your eating habits, sleeping pattern, and level of activity may change and affect your health. Spiritual and emotional health may also be altered.

Remember, in a marriage relationship...

Whether you view each change that comes with marriage as good or bad, how you learn to embrace them will determine the outcome.

Life changes, whether you get married or not, some things are going to change. It’s only a matter of having a positive outlook, not just in marriage but in life in general.

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