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How do some people succeed at making marriage work while others fail?

While every married couple wants to know what will make a marriage last, it is important to discover first what causes a marriage to fail.

It is estimated that one in two marriages end up in divorce today. The following are some of the reasons that account for such a high failure rate in marriage:

  1. High Expectations: Marriages fail because one or both expect more than the other can meet. Having high expectations often lead to frustration and disappointment. Sometimes, a person expects his or her spouse to stay the same. But people grow and changes happen.

  2. Money Issues: Before marriage, money never became an issue, that’s because you only had to manage and spend money for yourself. But if there are two or an entire family to consider, money issues can get in the way of a happy marriage. Now it’s true that money isn’t everything, but we know for sure that money makes the world go round.

  3. Stress: Each of us is not immune to stress. But stress, if not managed well, can lead to problems. It can cause lack of intimacy in a relationship or aggravate an otherwise ordinary conflict.

6 Marriage Tips Vital for Success

There are a lot of marriage tips you can read from books or browse online. But the best marriage tips are those proven to work for people who have successful marriages. Learn and apply these secrets from successful married couples in your relationship:

  1. Get your deal straight: Be open and talk about your expectations of each other. This way both of you has the idea of your needs and wants. This should be done regularly to check if your expectations have changed.

  2. Keep your individuality: Acknowledge the need to be independent from your partner at times. Encourage each other to also pursue one’s likes, interests, or have your own set of friends.

  3. Keep each other center stage: Never take each other for granted and remember how lucky you are to be married to your partner.

  4. Learn to resolve conflicts: A psychological study revealed that the main element that separated successful marriages from failed ones was the ability to resolve conflicts. You must remember to always keep communicating even in times of conflict. Adjust to your individual differences and manage to understand one another. You should learn to meet half-way and not always push things your own way.

  5. Keep the passion alive: Know that there is a need to satisfy each other's sexual needs. Stay affectionate and continue to please your spouse. Keep the relationship interesting once in a while and grow with each other. Understand that one or both partners will change but still find ways to keep up with the changing relationship.

  6. Keep working at it: The number of years you’ve been together is not a guarantee of strong love. Even if you think your marriage is good, find ways to make it better. Marriage works when two people make the effort to keep it working.

It takes more than luck to make your marriage last. If life is what you make it, a successful marriage is also what you make it. You need to work on it.

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