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What are some good reasons to get (and stay) married?

Other than being swept off your feet and being head over heels in love with your partner, what are some good reasons to get married and finally say “I do”?

Marriage is a word that really rings a bell. Some look forward to it and are excited about the day when they will finally walk down the aisle. Others however dread the thought of surrendering their freedom for the rest of their life.

If you are the marrying type, you will find many positive reasons for settling down. You will realize there is more to just loving the person that will make you decide to get married. Here are some of the other reasons why people get married and say I do.

6 Positive Reasons For Getting Married

  1. Emotional stability: Your heart will feel safe and settled knowing that you are marrying the one you truly, madly and deeply love. Nothing beats that reason for tying the knot and leaving singleness behind.

  2. Growth, education and self-improvement: The concept of growing old together with the one you love is not only sweet but is also romantic. Together you will develop new skills needed to improve yourselves in order to cope with the challenges that life may bring.

  3. Marital stability: You and your partner will feel blessed and ready to face life together knowing that your union will be given the blessings of the church or of the state. You know that you are going to be legally bound with the one you love which makes your union all the more stable and strong.

  4. Mutual sharing of likes and dislikes: You will find it exciting to have somebody to share your ideas, your likes and dislikes with in life. Together you will face the daily adventures life has to offer and you can explore many new things as a couple.

  5. Moral and psychological support: When you get married, you get a package of a spouse and all the support you are going to get from him or her. Naturally there will be some disagreements and conflicts of ideas but at the end of the day, you know you have somebody by your side who will support you in your high and low moments in life.

  6. Chance of rearing children: While some see having children as going to complicate life, other people see it as a chance to continue the family heritage. They see rearing children as a joy unmatched. Having children gives you more reason to strive harder and give your best. They inspire and are great motivating factors for reaching higher goals. It is a great accomplishment for couples to be able to see their kids attend school, graduate and have good jobs in life.

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