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5 Surprising Statistics Surrounding The Sleeping Patterns Of Married Couples

The marriage bed is an important part of any marriage simply by virtue of the fact that couples spend a third of their marriage together in it. Some of the problems reported to marriage counselors are as a direct result of the marriage bed. Couples can fall out over:

  • One partner snoring too much

  • One partner grinding their teeth

  • One partner tossing and turning all night

Considering this, it's no wonder why so many couples opt to sleep in either separate beds or separate rooms.

While some people frown on sleeping separately when married, the fact remains that if it makes for a more amicable atmosphere in the marriage - then this can only be a good thing.

Statistics On "The Marriage Bed"

  1. Married individuals sleep less when married than when they were single.

  2. A recent survey in America established that 12% of married individuals slept alone.

  3. A married individual is 3 times as likely to suffer sleeping problems than an unmarried person.

  4. Married couples typically in engage in sex two times a week.

  5. 47% of married women have faked an orgasm at some stage in the marriage bed in their marriage.

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