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8 Reasons Not To Cheat On Your Partner

Is your marriage or relationship in trouble?
And you want to know how to cheat?

Marital affairs can seem like a good idea if you're in a troubled marriage. The reality is different however. They don't solve your problems - they only put back having to deal with them to another day.

For many, marital affairs and dating while in a marriage acts as a means of escapism. They do it not because they love or care about the person they're having an affair with, but rather they only care about themselves and getting relief from their troubled marriage.

In this respect, having an affair can be compared to drinking or taking drugs. They may make you feel better temporarily, but their long-term damage far outweighs this temporary relief benefit.

Consider These...

  1. The excitement will be short lived: And once the excitement is over, one partner (not necessarily you) usually wants out.

  2. It's morally wrong: Having an affair will put you in that strange class of people that society despises.

  3. The children always suffer: Children suffer from affairs in two ways. Firstly, they suffer their parents arguing on discovery of the affair and the family possibly collapsing. Secondly, they are prone to long-term damage, in that some children can grow up following in their parents’ footsteps and not valuing their marriage vows.

  4. Affairs destroy happiness: They not only destroy your family’s happiness but also destroy your own.

  5. It's expensive: Hiding an affair costs money. Marital affairs and dating are only superficial relationships in nature. Superficial relationships are the most expensive to maintain as they require material things such as hotel rooms and dinner dates just to keep them going as the relationship is not built on a solid bond between you both.

  6. Affairs end most marriages: You might be banking on the possibility of your spouse taking you back if you are found out, but the reality is that even if they do, the marriage will be most likely doomed anyway.

  7. Affairs can damage your health: The stress of trying to keep an affair under wraps can take it's toll. If the affair is found out, this stress is multiplied and the effect on your health can be detrimental.

  8. You'll regret it: All affairs come to an end, and when they do, people regret them. Affairs also have the habit of not just ending, but ending badly. When was the last time you ever heard someone say they were "glad" they had an affair.

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