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10 Reasons Why Having An Affair Always Blows Up In Your Face Eventually

If you really want to have an affair, first I want you to look at the following reasons for exactly why you shouldn't have one. If you're unhappy in your marriage, try and tell your partner exactly why you aren't happy.

Sometimes a person in a relationship can take the other for granted to the point it seems like they've stopped caring. In such situations, if they are simply outright told that you have a problem with the way they treat you, if can act as an enlightenment for them. They may not have known previously that you felt so strongly on the matter.

The person might not have been aware you had an issue with them but at least when they know; they have the opportunity to do something about it. It's in their hands to do something and if they don't then you know you have a potentially fatal problem for the relationship.

Before jumping into bed with someone new, consider that...

  1. Everyone gets hurt: Lots of people are at risk of being truly hurt - you, your spouse, children, the "other person", and your family.

  2. You'll regret it afterwards: No one is ever glad they had an affair. There are other ways to deal with problems in relationships.

  3. Affairs usually end badly: Your heart, your family and your life are all at risk of being broken.

  4. Loss of respect: You stand to lose respect from your friends and family when they find out.

  5. Health effects: Affairs and the deceiving and lying they entail can be damaging to your health. Any thing that taxes your mental health is also taxing on your physical health.

  6. Religious grounds: You said you would love and cherish your partner in front of god, your family and friends. Even if you're not religious, it's not a proud thing to have failed in this regard.

  7. If it happened to you? Would you like it if your other half had an affair behind your back? If you wouldn't like it done to you, the general rule is you shouldn't do it to anyone else.

  8. Affairs are morally wrong: It's one thing to have to face this yourself but when it's found out, you'll have to face it in front of everyone you know.

  9. Having an affair won't fix the problems in your marriage: Affairs only act as a means of escapism like alcohol and drugs. Affairs may be exciting, but when they're over, the problems in the marriage will still be there.

  10. Affairs don’t create happiness: Instead - they ruin it. Affairs can be exciting and fun, this will only be for a short time. When the affair is found out, you could be left dealing with the ensuing pain for potentially years afterwards.

But I want to have an affair! My spouse is horrible!!

If you feel your relationship is a lost cause, you may think that an affair is a viable option. If you haven't gone down the route of relationship therapy however, then it's not a lost cause.

Once you've tried this route or your spouse refuses to go, then the relationship may very well be beyond help. Maybe you've come to realize that even if it could work out between you both, that you've stopped caring.

If this is the case, then you must consider a divorce because a divorce is probably inevitable. Having an affair now to make yourself feel better will only serve to complicate things and potentially make the divorce a lot messier than it has to be.

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