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What can cause someone to develop an inferiority complex?

Typically, the psychological reasons that someone will feel interior are rooted in events that happened in their past. Events that left them with feelings of inadequacy and unworthiness.

Such events from a persons past may include:

  • Being physically weaker and/or bullied by your peers
  • Feeling ugly compared to others in your peer group
  • Being rejected by popular people at school
  • Being shorter or fatter etc. than most people in your circle of friends
  • Having an abusive ex who controlled and ridiculed you
  • Being called lazy or stupid by teachers and others
  • Having a handicap that you are made to feel self-conscious about
  • Being picked last at football or baseball try-outs (I know this one well!)
  • Coming from a lower social class than those around you

How These Events Lead To Feelings Of Inferiority…

In general an inferiority complex develops when someone is singled out for some difference (whether it is real or perceived) …and made to feel negative about it.

It is entirely possible someone may be different but never made to feel bad about it, as such they may not develop an inferiority complex. In my case, when I was often picked last for football try-outs, but no one ever made fun of me for it. If they had, I may have developed an inferiority complex about it.

From this we can see that being surrounded by friendly and supportive peers can help prevent an inferiority complex from developing. In contrast, being around:

  • Narcissists
  • Frenemies
  • Or abusive partners etc.

…can cause you develop an inferiority complex where you otherwise would never have done.

The Psychological Desire to Compensate for Inferiority

Those who suffer from an inferiority complex often try to compensate for this perceived inferiority by achieving great accomplishments. To compensate for a perpetual sense of being inferior to others they are constantly driven to validate themselves through success.

This is why you’ll often hear of amazing success stories that begin in very humble surroundings and situations. Many great achievers throughout history have actually suffered deep down from an inferiority complex.

Others overcompensate and begin to act superior and attempt to pre-emptively assert themselves in many situations. This happens alot with people who were bullied or abused as a child. You would think that such people would know only too well the hurt of having someone exert themselves over them …but this is often the thing they set out to do later in life over others in an attempt to rid themselves of the negative feelings of being weak and unable to defend themselves when they were younger.

Left unchecked these kinds of people eventually develop a superiority complex.

Whatever You Do …DON’T Ignore It!

Trying to ignore feelings of inferiority and turn your back to the messages the mind is sending …often leads people into depression. Many people develop depression from attempting to suppress feelings and acting out of sync with their true emotions.

In my book “THE ERASE CODE: How To Get Over Anyone In Less Than A Week Using Psychology” I show how to get over the pain of being rejected NOT by supressing the emotions or by trying to avoid them (like how a lot of so-called relationship coaches teach people) …but by actively seeking out the root causes of those feelings and dealing with those one by one.

This is why this book has been so successful. Whatever situation you find yourself in life and the way that situation makes you feel …it is important to address the fundamental source of these feelings rather than attempt to avoid them.

How can I address the fundamental sources?

To overcome a sense of inferiority you must first find the sources in your past for these feelings. One pitfall to avoid is searching your present life and tracing your sense of inferiority to something you desire but are lacking, for example a fancy car or beautiful girlfriend.

It is important to understand that your success and status are not directly linked to your feelings of being adequate or inferior. An emotionally healthy person would be able to maintain a high sense of self-esteem regardless of their success, or lack thereof.

Inferiority is an internal feeling and as such cannot be externally validated with superficial things such as:

  • Looks
  • Money
  • Power
  • Or social status.

Many people spend their entire lifetimes trying to chase away their feelings of inferiority by accumulating these superficial things. Nonetheless, the internal sense of inferiority remains. To address an inferiority complex the first step is to explore the root cause behind it. Take a look at the links below to continue on with the next steps.