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What do “hidden messages” have to do with overcoming insecurity?

Insecurity is the mind’s way of sending you a message that you are not doing something right and need to work on that specific thing. In this way, insecurity can be a good thing because it gets you to act on an area of your life which needs attention.

However when you ignore the hidden messages hidden within your insecurity, and don’t do anything about the things in your life that need attention – this is when insecurity becomes an issue and affects your quality of life….

What you need to understand is that insecurity by itself is not bad. The fact of the matter is that if you actually listen to the hidden messages behind your insecurity and address these messages directly, you will come out as a better person because of it. When you feel insecure, your brain is actually sending you a hidden message.

What are some examples of these hidden messages?

This message may be one of the following:

  • Doubt as to your capacity to complete a certain task

  • Doubt as to a decision you have made recently

  • Fear of losing something important

While the message sent to you by your own insecurity might be a little different, it is most likely a variant of one of these three messages. If you are able to identify the hidden messages behind your insecurity, you will be able to use the insecurity as a powerful motivational force towards self-improvement.

Furthermore, by addressing the hidden messages from which your insecurities originate, you will also be able to overcome your insecurity in the process.

How can I use this to deal with insecurities?

Unfortunately, not all people know how to address their insecurities and instead settle for these so-called “quick fixes.” A quick fix is designed to temporarily alleviate one’s feelings of insecurity without directly addressing the hidden messages behind the insecurity. Ultimately, resorting to quick fixes can lead to depression due to the accumulation of personal issues which have been set aside but never fully addressed.

Overcoming insecurity therefore, boils down to your ability to identify the hidden messages behind the insecurity. If you want to be able to identify these hidden messages, try this simple exercise:

  1. Take a piece of paper and divide it into two columns.

  2. Write down the things that make you feel insecure in the first column.

  3. In the second column, write down the possible reasons that you can think of for the corresponding things that make you feel insecure.

As soon as you are able to identify the root cause/s behind your insecurities, you can get to work on addressing each of them – one by one if necessary.