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How To Deal With Loneliness – By Examining The Psychological Causes Of It

The good thing is that with a little knowledge of the psychology behind loneliness, you can help yourself overcome it. When you understand why you are feeling lonely, you can start doing things to rid yourself of the blues.

It is important to note that you should acknowledge first that you are in fact feeling lonely before you can even help yourself and snap out of it. Lonely people who are in denial or trying to cover up their loneliness are only aggravating the situation.

When you admit that you are, then that’s the only time you can start thinking of means to eliminate your loneliness.

You Must Understand WHY You’re Lonely

There are different reasons why a person feels lonely. And in order for you to effectively deal with it, you need to know why you are feeling such emotion. Otherwise, the feeling will just become deeper and may even lead to depression.

You may not be aware of it, but the following are common reasons why a person feels lonely:

  1. Inactivity: Research shows that physical inactivity and an idle mind breeds loneliness. So try to be active and refrain from behaviors that intensify loneliness such as sleeping, watching TV, listening to sad songs, drinking alone, or just doing nothing. Make a conscious effort to zap away from this sad passivity. You can change your situation by finding a new hobby, regularly going to the gym, or volunteering for a good cause. Do something useful with your time. Not only are you steering yourself out of the gloom, you are also helping others.

  2. Sad Past Experiences: One reason for a downcast spirit is dwelling on a sad past experience. Maybe nobody paid attention to you before or was unkind to you. Or maybe someone rejected you and you still haven’t moved on. These are some experiences that can haunt a person even after its occurrence. However, you should also take note that what’s done is done. It’s over and it should be placed where it belongs – to the past. It cannot be undone, but you can prevent it from happening again and from ruining your present. If there are things you should hold on to, it’s not the pain but lessons learned from the past. Let go and move on. Only then can the loneliness start to fade away.

  3. Choice: Finally, you may be unaware of it but you may be lonely because you choose to be. Remember the saying “happiness is a choice”? Being lonely or happy is your choice. It is possible that you’ve chosen a lifestyle that is causing you to feel lonely. So, evaluate your life. Are your daily activities repetitive? Nothing’s wrong in wanting a simple and quiet lifestyle. It is only when your idle mind starts having gloomy thoughts that this lifestyle becomes precarious.