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How To Fight Loneliness - Using Emotional Exposure

Did you know that one of the most powerful strategies on how to fight loneliness involves something called emotional exposure? Emotional exposure is a term used in psychology circles to describe how to fight loneliness by creating emotionally powered conversations …and is what I’m going to discuss in this article.

Most people have superficial conversations with those around them. The problem with this is that it eventually leads you to feel lonely because you are unable to build intimate relationships. Have you ever noticed that sometimes no matter how many friends or people you have around you, you still feel isolated and alone?

Yes, why are so many relationships in life just superficial?

This is because you are not really sharing your emotions with them. Essentially you are not opening yourself up so you just end up feeling lonely. However by understanding this and digging deeper into this cause of loneliness you will be better able to foster relationships with those around you and prevent areas in your life which feel lonely.

So how can you use emotional exposure to prevent feeling lonely? Basically, you need to be more open to your friends about your

  • Fears
  • Worries
  • And frustrations etc

These are areas which have the most emotions involved with them …so sharing these feelings will give the greatest impact of emotional exposure.

But I wouldn’t feel comfortable opening up on issues like these?

If you find yourself afraid of emotional honesty, then the problem may be rooted in self-esteem issues. You need to understand that there’s nothing wrong with telling others that you feel down, sad, or depressed. They are also human too and come across these emotions at some point. We all go through ups and downs in life.

Remember, merely being around people so you are not physically alone won’t really help you fight loneliness. When you feel emotionally alone, the feeling of loneliness will still remain. However, through creating emotional powered conversations, you can fight your loneliness. Connecting with others in a deeper level gives you intimacy. You will never feel alone when you do.