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5 Long Distance Relationship Psychology Tips

Long distance relationship tips that are based on proven psychology are without doubt the best way to tackle your relationship.

In any long distance relationship, distance can prove to be quite a test to endure. It can give rise to feelings of paranoia and frustration that most regular relationships don’t have to suffer from; at least to the same degree.

If two people can drift apart even when they’re physically together, how much easier it would be if you’re miles apart? But if you are both willing to make an effort not to drift apart, success can be achieved.

5 Key Long Distance Relationship Tips

The following are things you can do to make sure your relationship will survive despite distance:

  1. Communicate everyday: Do it more than once daily if possible. These don't always have to be in-depth or long conversations. And you can communicate not just by calling, but also through texting, emailing or chatting with web cams for that visual connection.

  2. Do things together: This is still possible despite the distance. Remember, interactions over the phone can get dull over time. You need to be creative and incorporate other things you can do aside from just talking on the phone. Find things to do together such as watching a particular show or movie you know your partner likes, or reading a certain book at the same time. Look for several ways to bond, without actually being physically together.

  3. Be trusting and avoid jealousy: Jealousy and drama can easily poison and destroy a healthy relationship. It is always a good idea not to believe everything you see or hear from other people about your partner unless proven. Avoid interrogating your partner every time he or she decides to go out with other people or if you didn’t get a reply for your message right away. The reality is that your partner has a life too and has other things to do aside from just communicating with you. Yes, avoiding being totally naive is good, but being overly suspicious can be unhealthy.

  4. Visit and see each other as often as possible: As long as your budget permits you to, try to make it a point to visit each other as much as you both can. A phone call is never the same as seeing and holding the person. So grab every reasonable chance you get to be with your partner.

  5. Be positive: Don’t focus on the disadvantages of a long-distance relationship. Instead, do what you can to keep your relationship blooming and ensure that your partner is happy with it. Use the distance as an opportunity to pursue your personal interests and ambitions.

Final Thought on Long Distance Relationship Psychology

Every relationship takes dedication and effort to make it work, whether distance is involved or not. Expect the bumps and turns along the road but take note that these bumps and turns will contribute towards a stronger relationship when you can make the long distance relationship work.

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