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8 Problems With Long Distance Relationships And How To Fix Them

If you want to know how to make a long distance relationships work (and overcome the problems involved), you need to understand the basics of what it takes to make a regular relationship work. And make sure that these are maintained in your relationship.

Although it cannot be denied that having a long distance relationship is challenging, it can indeed work. There are ways to make relationships work despite the distance.

Committing yourself to making it work is the best thing to start with. And getting your partner’s commitment is the second thing you should ensure.

8 Secrets To Overcoming The Problems Of A Long Distance Relationship 

Here are the steps to making a long distance relationship successful:

  1. Set parameters: Make sure you’ve talked before the actual separation and are both clear on the limitations of the relationship. For example, defining your relationship as dating, exclusively dating, boyfriend-girlfriend, or engaged. Set up the frequency of communication and visits. You can also discuss the possibility of relocating to be with the other person and what you want to get out of the relationship. Talking about these things beforehand will save you from misunderstandings and a lot of heartache down the line.

  2. Plan ahead: Have a serious talk with your partner and discuss the challenges you both are likely to experience by being far from each other. Be open to all possibilities and be honest about how you would feel. Then plan what you can do to handle these things if they occur. Create contingency plans to manage insecurities and your sexual needs. As well as needs to be put in place so the relationship can thrive. Don’t leave things to chance or fate. Plan ahead so you know how to strengthen the relationship when distance strikes its tempest.

  3. Keep communication lines open: It’s easy to feel “separated” when you are miles apart. Daily interaction and sharing is a must for a long distance relationship to survive. This can be through a call, email, chat, or text messages. Calling and chatting are highly preferred because you both get to hear each other’s voice and see each other, although not really in person but through a web cam.

  4. Overcome jealousy and fears of cheating: These feelings can be felt whether in a long distance relationship or not. But these can be easier felt and longer to resolve when couples are not physically together. It’s easy for your mind to have wild imaginations especially if you cannot really see what’s going on in your partner’s life. The most important thing is not to let yourself be overwhelmed with such feelings because you are bound to feel them at some point. And to avoid making your partner feel these things, make it a point to keep each other updated with things that are going on.

  5. Deal with feelings of doubt: The truth is that there will surely be times that your enthusiasm will lessen. This holds true whether it’s a long distance relationship or not. But it does not necessarily indicate a failing relationship. Don’t be afraid to express your feelings to your partner so he or she can reassure you as needed. That is why planning how you can survive a long distance relationship is very important. You will have an idea of how to deal with this eventuality. You are aware that this is a normal part of being apart. Work on sharing your goals and reminding yourself of your future plans. Always keep in mind that separation is only temporary and there are a lot of things to look forward to in the future.

  6. Show romance despite distance: You cannot easily show your affection by touching, hugging, or kissing. Because of this, you have to demonstrate your romantic side using other means. The most important thing you need to work on is reassuring your partner that you still love him or her. And how much you look forward to being together soon. Keeping your commitment to regularly contact him or her and sending gifts through packages will show your thoughtfulness. Plan your future together while talking on the phone or chatting. This is one of the most romantic activities you can do while apart.

  7. Cope with sexual frustration and temptation: It’s difficult for people in long distance relationships to find satisfaction with their partner who’s miles away. It becomes more challenging when there are people in front of you who are capable of fulfilling your needs. The secret to overcoming this challenge in long distance relationships is to spend as much time communicating with your partner. This helps you avoid temptations. If you’re open to phone sex or web cam sex, you both may want to try it. But this usually requires a high level of trust in your partner. Focus on the intimacy and depth of your relationship through communication. Promise something your partner can look forward to and make sure to carry out on it when you get the chance to be with each other again. 

  8. Try challenging each other: Do things for each other which you otherwise wouldn’t be motivated to do on your own. For instance, you can challenge yourselves to go to the gym and exercise regularly. Or you can motivate yourselves to cook more often and get better at it. This will make you look forward to seeing your partner again and showing off how well you’ve done. It will also give you both something to talk about and work on until you next see each other again.

And always be reminded that your situation is only temporary and there’s something to look forward to at the end of it.