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How To Overcome Love Addiction Using Psychology

Want to know how to overcome love addiction?
And how to get over love addiction?
And relationship addiction?

Trying to cope with a breakup is like having to give up a habit such as drinking or taking drugs. Whenever a drug addict tries to give up drugs, he goes through an initial period of hardship. He suffers temptation and will think about going back to drugs.

However, once he becomes accustomed to life without drugs, the temptation will be reduced. After a while will be relieved to have drugs and its associated lifestyle behind him. The biggest reason a person will find it difficult to give up a habit is because everything around him is a constant reminder of that habit. This is similar to the constant reminders around people preventing them from being able to cope with a breakup.

If a person is trying to give up smoking, then his work break in the morning will be a reminder to him of smoking, assuming he used go for a cigarette on his break. The people that he used go for a cigarette with will also remind him. These reminders make giving up the habit more difficult than it should be. Reminders are what make trying to cope with a breakup difficult for some.

"What do bad habits have to do with trying to cope with a breakup?"

If you're trying to cope with a breakup then you are suffering the same emotions as that of someone trying to cope with life without drink or drugs for example. People trying to cope with a breakup suffer a lot because of numerous things around them that cause them to constantly remember their ex.

So ask yourself this - How is it that some people can give up smoking easily while others fail miserably time and time again? Knowing this is the secret in trying to cope with a breakup. Most people can't cope with a breakup easily because of wrong practises and mindsets that they adopt. They hinder themselves from getting over their ex easily.

In my book " THE ERASE CODE: How To Get Over Anyone In Less Than A Week Using Psychology" I show how people form anchors between two separate things in their life. When one anchor occurs - the other is triggered. Its like when a song reminds a person of a certain time in their life. Knowing how to break anchors is an important part of being able to cope with a breakup.

Most people mis-use anchors!

People will fail to cope with a breakup because they strengthen anchors instead of weakening them. If you were to think of your ex fondly every time you watch a TV show that you both used like, then the anchor between the TV show and fond memories of your ex is strengthened. AND your continued suffering is assured. Anchors need to be weakened if you are to cope with a break up as quickly and with the least amount of suffering as possible.

Lets say an old song caused you to remember your childhood fondly. However if you were to listen to this song everyday in your car or on your ipod, you would quickly get tired of the song and probably find it annoying after a while. It would eventually stop causing you to remember your childhood and you would associate the song with the annoyed feelings of you not wanting to hear it anymore.

This lets you cope with a breakup because it shows that anchors can die. And better yet, positive anchors are capable of being turned around into negative ones. Whenever you experience a positive anchor about your ex, you must turn it into a negative one.

  • Plan of action to cope with a breakup: The next time you are watching the TV show for example that you both used like - i want you to remind yourself of any negative qualities that you disliked about your ex. This will train your subconscious to think negatively about your ex every time a former positive anchor is triggered. With the correct knowledge and mindset you will find it extremely easy to cope with a breakup now and in the future.

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