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What is a Lovemap? (Love Map Psychology)

When I was younger I considered the meaning of love to be an accidental process predetermined by fate and destiny. I thought if you were meant to be with a person then you would and that if you weren't - then nothing could be done about it.

A lot of people unfortunately have this opinion of love, which is why breakups can be so painful. When a break up occurs, a person can think that if their ex doesn't love them then there's nothing they can do about it and a feeling of hopelessness and depression ensues.

However, having studied the psychology of relationships and love, I became aware that love indeed could be controlled. This for me threw open the meaning of love. I realised it could be controlled as much as any other emotion you have such as stress, anxiety, fear etc if you apply the correct methods to it.

Where does love come from?

When a child is born, bit by bit they form a vision of their ideal future partner. This vision is based on the childs own experiences. If a boys mother was a quiet and friendly woman and he got on very well with her, then he would have a high tendency to want a similar type woman as a potential future wife.

meaning of loveHis meaning of love would be to a large degree defined by his mother. This depends on how much of a factor she was in his life. However, what we base this ideal version of our future partner on isn't confined to just our parents but everything around us from:

  • Our culture

  • Our insecurities

  • Our values

  • Our past relationships etc

And of course since every ones backgrounds and upbringing is different, the result is that we all fall in love with different people and so we all have a different meaning of love unique to each of us. All these different things come together to form the different components of what is known as a persons love map or "lovemap".

So how can I use a lovemap to make someone fall in love with me?

It’s not necessary for a person to satisfy all the components on a persons lovemap in order to make that person fall in love with them. But rather a good 3/4 of them would be sufficient. With this said, lets say you didn't match 3/4 of their components, does that mean its impossible for them to ever love you?

It's true they won't love you as you are, however if you could match yourself to their lovemap better, then you would satisfy enough components to make them fall for you. This is what I go through in my book "THE LOVEMAP CODE: How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You Using Psychology"

Matching yourself to another person’s lovemap is actually easier than it seems. Lets say that they want someone who is rich. In this situation, their subconscious doesn't necessarily look for someone who is already rich but will also look for someone who is ambitious as this quality can lead to wealth. A persons meaning of love can be manipulated on a number of different levels.

Is manipulating love ethical?

In my book I show how to scan a persons subconscious and pick up on the things they require in a future partner. Once you do this, you then program their subconscious to see you as their match.

As regards if tricking a person into loving you is ethical, I remain divided on the issue. If you truly love the individual then using my book will help you get them and I can only think of that as a good thing, even if you're manipulating their meaning of love.

If however you use my book to make a person fall for you that you have no intention in going out with, then this is clearly crossing the line. I can't control what people’s intentions will be. However, for those that are genuine, I will give the best information that’s out there that can ensure their happiness.