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How To Make Anyone Fall In Love With You ...Even If You Are Ugly

One of the biggest worries I hear from people who want to make someone fall in love with them is thinking that they are not pretty enough or good-looking enough for the person they want. They worry "I am not pretty" or "I am not handsome" and consequenlty automatically assume they are not good enough for that person PERIOD ...and will be never good enough.

The reality is that this is NOT the case at all.

People fall in love with people who match a list of specifications they have in their mind. This list contains the subconscious requirements (built up over their lifetime from their background, life experiences, relationship with parents etc) of what that person is looking for in a potential partner. This is the blueprint of love and what is known as the persons Lovemap.

The thing about a person's lovemap is that if someone doesn't match it - they can never love them! This is the psychological basis behind what causes us to fall in love ...rather than falling in love because the other person is "good-looking" which is the common misconception most people have about falling in love.

Making Someone Fall In Love Has Practically Nothing To Do With Good-Looks

Most people think someone will only love them if they are good-looking. This is why ugly people often think they will never be able to make someone fall in love and so they don't even try searching for love but instead just settle. So even if you consider yourself to be ugly or fat, thankfully making a person fall for you is NOT dependent on physical characteristics like these.

So, what if you believe that the person you like wants someone that’s really good looking ...and you’ve just got average looks. Does this mean that it’s impossible for you to make them fall in love with you?

Absolutely not.

Here’s why. The reality is that the more emphasis someone puts on good-looks, the ironic thing is that the less they actually want good-looks but are in pursuit of satisfying another (unrelated) unmet need.

What do you mean?

Sometimes when someone makes a big deal about having to get a partner that’s very pretty or good-looking, what they’re actually looking for is to be admired, thought of as cool or simply don’t feel good-looking themselves. Their subconscious has recognized this need, and sees finding a partner that’s good-looking as a means of fixing it.

Lets say its a guy you want to make fall in love with you and you have discovered from studying his Lovemap that he has a  need is to be admired. You see, the thing is that you don’t know what has happened in this persons past that may have invoked a need in him to feel admired. Maybe he:

  • Was neglected as a childmake him love me
  • Wasn’t able to make many friends in school
  • Or thinks of himself as boring or as having little personality and feels a good-looking partner would compensate for this etc.

Just know that people try to make up for their pasts using their present. And if something has happened in this guys past that made him feel unwanted or unworthy – he may have subconsciously developed an especially strong inclination towards wanting someone thats good-looking in the belief that this would compensate for his past.

So how can I make someone fall in love if i'm not pretty enough or good-looking enough?

You do it by satisfying the underlying need that’s inadvertently making the person look for a good-looking partner …because this is one of their REAL Lovemap components. And its the real Lovemap components you should be looking to satisify. This is how you make anyone fall in love with you. I show how this is done in my book "THE LOVEMAP CODE: How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You Using Psychology".

The point to take from this is if you think there’s a component on the persons Lovemap that’s a brick wall for you (such as feeling you're not pretty enough or good-looking enough) and you can’t satisfy it – look for ways around it so that you can provide the person with the same feeling without necessarily having the actual thing itself.

However matching a persons lovemap would not lead to love if there wasn't some level of attraction to back it up. So attraction is needed. But "attraction" isn't the same as being "good-looking". And this is an important distinction.

Attraction can be built in simple, yet powerful ways such as

  • Smiling more
  • Standing tall and straight
  • Wearing clothes that fir you well and are stylish
  • Having a good hairstyle
  • Building your confidence
  • Showing assertiveness
  • Having a good sense of humor etc.

All these build attraction ...but as you can see are completely independent of being "good-looking" in the physical sense. I'm sure you've seen at one stage or another an attractive girl going out with an ugly guy and you've probably been amazed. However what you can't see just by looking at him are other qualities that are attractive such as his humor, ambition or fullness of life. These qualities can give the appearance of attractiveness even though they are not physical things themselves.

In this article I’ve gone through some things about you yourself, in order to make anyone fall in love with you. However, that’s only half the story. To make a person fall in love with you, you need to examine that persons mind and psychological make up and see how you can take advantage of that to get them to fall in love with you. Check out my book "THE LOVEMAP CODE: How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You Using Psychology" for more information on this.