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How To Make Him Fall In Love - Using The Psychology Of Love

Want to know the secret behind how to make him fall in love? Though most people believe that love happens by chance or fate, the truth is that love, like other emotions, can be controlled or manipulated.

The mind is very powerful. And understanding the logic of how it works will give you a much higher chance of making someone fall for you. Just as there are ways to deal and control stress, fear and other emotions, so too can love be controlled.

Learning about the psychology of falling in love can be very advantageous for you. There’s no guarantee that it will work 100% of the time. But it will significantly make your chances of making someone fall in love with you higher than ever.

4 Steps To Make Him Fall in Love With You

I cover the full step-by-step process necessary to make someone fall in love with you in my book "THE LOVEMAP CODE: How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You Using Psychology". Some of the psychological principles of love covered in that book include:

  1. Meet his lovemaps specifications: No matter how people say that they are not too choosy when it comes to finding a partner, inside their minds is a quick list of basic specifications. And before even considering dating a person, these specifications must be met. Of course, meeting his lovemaps specifications doesn’t automatically equate to him loving you. But not meeting his basic specifications certainly makes you lose the chance of him falling for you. Examples of basic specifications may be not being a smoker, or that you have to be religious, or having a good sense of humor etc. Find out his background and attempt to meet his basic lovemaps specifications. Doing this will avoid the possibility of him mentally rejecting you before you even start your moves at attracting him.

  2. Show that you’re what he needs: People are unconsciously attracted to people whom they find similarity with or possess the quality which they want to have themselves. For instance, an intellectual but shy guy will look for a partner who is also intellectual but more confident than he is. So, your strategy in this case is to play the role of a confident woman so you can attract this type of guy. By sending the impression that you’re what he needs, this method becomes highly effective.

  3. Program his subconscious mind: Psychological studies have revealed that through How to make him fall in lovecontinuous repetition, our subconscious mind can be made to accept something. So how do you do it? Just make sure you’re always in sight so he gets to see you a lot. This is enough to let you enter his subconscious mind.

    Your next step would be to reinforce your subconscious mind programming with the help of your friends. Have them constantly talk about you to him. It is much better if you can have mutual friends do it for you. The more they talk to him about you and how great you are, the better your chances of staying in his subconscious mind and him falling in love with you.

  4. Position yourself well: This means associating yourself with a certain image. You should try to be associated with the “confident”, “independent”, or “funny” type rather than the “inferior”, “nerdy”, or “clingy” type. Make sure that when people hear your name or think of you, what they have are positive thoughts of you. This way you are assured that the person you want to fall in love with you will be interested and want to be associated with you.

Final Thought On Making Him Fall In Love

Trying to make him fall in love with you will be a daunting task if you don’t apply methods that have a psychological basis. In other words – guesswork should be avoided. The mind can influence the heart. So, capitalize on it to make him fall for you.