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How To Make Someone Fall In Love If They Are Seeing Someone Else

Is it too late if they are seeing someone else?
Or dating someone else?

If you are reading this article because you are in love with someone who is in a stable relationship or is married, then I’d prefer if you didn’t read this article. Breaking up a stable relationship is not something I can condone.

However if the person you like has just entered a relationship (or the person is your ex and they have just started dating someone new) and you want to make sure they fall in love with you and not with this new person, then I can help you.

People fall in love with someone who their subconscious mind has determined satisfies a good number of subconscious specifications (known as a persons Lovemap) that would make the person emotionally happy and secure. When your subconscious mind determines a particular person:

  • Satisfies your unmet needs
  • Has similar values and beliefs as you
  • Has complimentary traits to you
  • And a number of other variables

…you will fall in love with the person. And you won’t know why you have fallen in love with the person because all this takes place in the subconscious mind. If you can figure out these items a particular person you like is looking for, then you will have the blueprint to making that person fall in love with you. This is what I show how to do in my book: THE LOVEMAP CODE: How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You Using Psychology.

You also need to pay CAREFUL attention to anything that turns this persons subconscious off a person and blocks them from falling in love with that person. This is an important point as you will see shortly…

Does this work if they are seeing someone else?

Right now the person you like is dating someone new. I’m going to be honest with you here. They WILL fall in love with this new person IF this new person matches enough of the specifications on the persons lovemap. So if you want the person to fall in love with you (and not this other person) then you will need to take action.

And here’s what you do…

You can do one of the following two things. Or if you like, you can do both. Doing both is what I recommend:

  1. Match More Specifications Than The Other Person: If your subconscious sees that two people match a good number of specifications on your lovemap, it will cause you to begin to feel emotions towards those people. But if one person happens to match more lovemap specifications than the other …than you will fall in love with that person and just happen to like the other person who matches less of your subconscious specifications. Right now you need to make sure that you match more components on the persons lovemap than the new person they are seeing. In my book THE LOVEMAP CODE I show how to do this. Once you match more than the other person, they will not be able to fall in love with this new person because their subconscious will see you as a better match and so their subconscious will block the person from falling in love with that other person because it has a better option (you) available to it.
  2. Point Out The Other Persons Mis-matching Specifications: Not only does our subconscious look for matching specifications in a potential partner, but it also looks for mis-matching specifications …and will make sure the person will not fall in love with a person who has these. Let’s look at an example. Let’s say from studying this persons lovemap that you find out they dislike NASCAR rallying. They may dislike it because their dad was an alcoholic and he liked NASCAR rallying and so an association was built up in the persons mind between the bad memories of her dads alcoholism and NASCAR rallying. If she was to meet someone she liked but he was into NASCAR, her subconscious would block her from falling in love with the new person because of the bad associations NASCAR held for her. So right now you should study this new person they are seeing. What hobbies, traits, characteristics etc. do they have that you know violate the lovemap of the person you like? Let’s take the NASCAR example. In such a situation you should keep reminding the person you like that the new person they are dating is into NASCAR. If you find out they visited a rally recently or are a member of a local NASCAR rally club, casually point this out to the person. You will be giving the persons subconscious mind a helpful hand in blocking them from falling in love with this new person.

Just Be Careful

Notice in the last paragraph I said you should CASUALLY point the mis-matching specification out to the person. The person you like may have consciously spotted the other person is into NASCAR (in addition to their subconscious spotting it) and they have made a conscious decision they were just going to put up with it and not end the relationship over it. Never-the-less, if you keep mentioning it (and additional facts about the persons love for NASCAR which the person you like might not have been aware of) you will be rubbing the wound and keeping it raw making it more and more likely the issue will affect their ability to fall in love with this new person.

But if you do this in too obvious a manner, the person may see through what you’re doing. If this happens they may consciously block out your efforts and resolve in their efforts to not let the NASCAR issue affect their new relationship. In addition, if they see through what you’re doing, they may think of you as manipulative …which would lower your value in the persons mind. You need to casually point out mis-matching specifications without them realizing what you are doing. At the same time, you should be presenting yourself as a good match to their subconscious by matching their lovemap components as I outline in THE LOVEMAP CODE book.