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How To Make Someone Fall In Love ...If You Are Not Good Enough For Them

Here's something you almost NEVER hear about ...but which is crucially important when trying to make someone fall in love with you. You see, most people think that in order to make someone fall in love with you ...that you should try to be the best possible out there. They think that:

  • The better looking you are
  • The more money you make
  • The more friends you have
  • The more successful you are at a particular hobby or sport etc.

…that all these will combine to make the person they really like/love fall in love with them.

While these are attractive qualities …attractive qualities, in and of themselves, are not what will make someone fall in love with you.

But wouldn’t being very good-looking and having loads of money be the best way to go?

In my book “THE LOVEMAP CODE: How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You Using Psychology” …I reveal a recent study that was carried out which proves that people want someone who is good …BUT not someone who is too good.

Here's why...

People don’t fall in love with someone because of one single thing. They fall in love due to the combined effect of numerous factors adding together to come up with what is called a “total stock”.

Understanding the concept of “total stock” is important. A persons subconscious mind doesn’t look for the person who has the highest total stock out there. Rather, the subconscious mind is built in such a way so as to look for someone who has approximately the same total stock as us ourselves.

In other words, we are programmed to look for someone in and around our own level. We want someone who is good …but not TOO good.

Lets Look At An Example Of This…

For example, you might think that guys are just after looks when it comes to women. However, studies have shown that while a guy might want to get with an attractive woman …they have a tendency to not want to get with an attractive woman who is also:

  • More intelligent then them
  • Makes more money than them
  • Or is further up the social ladder than they themselves.

They will only like the woman if her total stock is in and around the same as themselves. If she is beautiful, she will need to be inferior to the guy in some way in order for him to want to go out with this woman and build a relationship with her.

Why is this?

To understand why this happens, you need to understand something about the subconscious mind…

The subconscious minds main role is to look out for your well-being. It always looks for ways to make you feel good …and tries to eliminate things or people that make you feel bad. For example, if someone makes you feel bad (such as a bully for example), your subconscious mind triggers the emotion of hate in order to make you avoid this person so that they will no longer make you feel bad.

The same works for people who make you feel good. If someone makes you feel good, your subconscious will cause you to like/love them so that you will try and bring this person into your life more …so that they can continue to make you feel good.

The subconscious mind is always trying to ensure your well-being and make you feel good. It doesn’t like you to feel inferior …and will look for any way possible to remove inferiority from your mindset.

Your Subconscious Will Not Look For Someone With Too High A “Total Stock”

This is why our subconscious mind looks for a potential partner who has about the same total stock as we ourselves.

In the example we went through earlier in this article, the guys subconscious will want her total stock to be in and around the same as his. If her total stock if far higher than his …his subconscious will put a bar on him wanting to get with that woman.

Therefore, while some guys might want someone who is good looking ...they will tend to be turned off if she is too good-looking. This is because her total stock would likely be significantly higher than his. Such a woman would make him feel inferior. And when someone makes us feel inferior, this is a natural bar to our subconscious to falling in love with that particular person. 

This is why you should never let your confidence be dented when you see very attractive women in comparision to how you may look. 

Can I make someone fall in love with me even if I’m ugly?

When you understand the concept of total stock, it makes making someone fall in love with you easier than it would other wise be.

In my book “THE LOVEMAP CODE: How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You Using Psychology” …I reveal how to compensate for one factor of your total stock …by replacing it with another.

However, the factor that you replace it with must be directly related to the one you are replacing. For example, if a guy is insistent that he wants someone that is good-looking, THE LOVEMAP CODE program shows you how to find out why it is that he wants someone who is good-looking.

You see, you need to look deeper...

It might be the case that he wants someone who is good-looking because he wants to show her off to his friends or likes attention. In this case, it’s not the “good-looking” quality in and of itself that he is looking for …but he is looking to be admired. This happens far more often than you'd realize.

If you can find another way of making him feel admired, you can by-pass his need to have someone who is good-looking. Most people think that if they don’t have some quality that the other person is looking for …then they can never make that person fall in love with them.

This is absolutely not the case.

And it’s so sad to see people lose “The One” …because of this faulty logic. THE LOVEMAP CODE program shows how to circumvent obstacles like this …ensuring that “The One” ends up in your arms ...and NOT someone elses.