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How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You - Using Psychology

Want to know how to make a girl fall in love with you?
Or how to make a guy fall in love with you?

Then read on...

In order to make someone fall in love with you, you first need to know about what psychologists call a "Lovemap". Now, if you haven't heard of the term Lovemap before it’s likely because it is little-known of outside of psychology circles. However, knowing and studying how Lovemaps work is the key to making a person you like fall in love with you. 

First coined in 1980 by celebrated American psychologist Dr. John Money of the John Hopkins University, the term “Lovemap” opens the door to the encryption within our minds that trigger us to fall in love with a specific type of person. 

If you can find out the encryption of the specific person you like, then you can use this information to actively make that person fall in love with you (AND stay in love with you afterwards).

So, what is this encryption?

According to psychologists, when a child is born and begins to interact with the environment and people around him, he begins to use the data his subconscious is receiving to create a subconscious guide to his or her future partner. 

  • Everything from the childs
  • Parenting
  • Culture in which they grow up in 
  • Experiences he undergoes
  • Fears
  • Concerns etc

…all come together and influence this subconscious guide to his ideal future partner. All this takes place at the subconscious level (rather than the conscious level). This causes the child to begin perceiving certain characteristics and qualities as attractive in the opposite sex.  

And because different people all have different experiences, parenting, fears and concerns etc. while growing up, everyone will form a somewhat different subconscious guide to their idea future partner. This is why we all fall in love with different people. 

Psychologists call this “subconscious guide” a persons “Lovemap.”. In my book "THE LOVEMAP CODE: How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You Using Psychology" I reveal how to unravel the components that make up your target persons Lovemap and then use this information to make the person fall in love with you. 

Lets Take An Example…

Take the example of a person who grew up experiencing insecurity. In this type of situation, he or she would have a high likelihood of being attracted to someone who is:

  • Tough
  • Confident 
  • And secure. 

The persons subconscious recognizes that these are qualities which they themselves lack, and reasons that if they were to begin a relationship with a confident person, it would help compensate for their sense of insecurity. All this takes place at the subconscious level. 

Your subconscious will then cause you to fall in love with this person so that you will do whatever it takes to bring this person into your life. However, if you had never been insecure, your subconscious would never have drawn you to this particular person and so you would never have fallen in love with them. So from this we can see, how the components that make up your subconscious guide (ie your Lovemap) influence the type of person you will and will not fall in love with.

Let’s take another example…

If the person you like has no friends, there is a greater probability that he or she will be attracted to someone who has lots of friends. This happens because in their subconscious they think that if they were to get with a person who has many friends, their social life would improve and they would gain friends. In other words, a major need he or she is lacking will be met.  

These were two examples of a Lovemap in action. We can see that people get attracted to someone who has the qualities they themselves lack. So, if you can provide them with enough of what they lack, you can manipulate their subconscious into seeing you as someone they should fall in love with because you are someone who meets their unmet needs.  

Using A Persons Lovemap To Make Them Fall In Love With You

The key so is to find out the specific components of the Lovemap of the particular person you like (and want to make fall in love with you). This will take some study and research on your part …but once you have this information, you will have the exact route you need to take in order to make them fall in love with you …rather than just depending on blind luck. 

In matching a persons Lovemap, you should take note of positive components and negative components on their Lovemap. You will want to make sure they see you as being opposite to the negative components on their Lovemap …and complimentary to the positive components: 

  1. Negative Lovemap Components: For instance, if you get to know that the girl you like has been raised in a home where her father drank a lot of alcohol, which caused fights between the mother and the father, the girl is not going to be impressed if you are constantly posting pictures on Facebook of you out drinking every weekend. If you do so, you are showing her a red flag and her subconscious will very likely block her from being able to fall in love with you. Instead, you will become just a friend …and get friend-zoned. So, try and find out some negative components that are likely to be on the persons Lovemap …and make sure you are the opposite of these.  
  2. Positive Lovemap Components: On the other hand, if the girl you like grew up in a home where her parents showered her with lots of love (and hugged her often), she is likely going to be attracted to guys who display similar acts of love to their family (and/or any partners they have had in the past). Therefore, in such a situation, you should talk favorably of your family members and about how much you care about them. Tell them things like birthday presents you are buying for your siblings or parents and describe how much detail and care you have put into your choice of presents. This way, you will come across to the girls subconscious as someone who is affectionate with their family. 

Remember, everything in the Lovemap takes place at the subconscious level, which means that the person you like is not even aware of what’s going on. They will not consciously be aware of the kinds of things that cause them to fall in love …but will just naturally know when someone is a good match for them. This “natural” feeling is their subconscious mind at work in the background carefully analysing how different people they come into contact with are a match (or not) for their Lovemap.

This is the reason why people fall in love with someone, but can never really understand why they fell for that particular person. Our Lovemap is operating in the background, judging people we meet and interact with. 

What About Someone Cheated On In The Past

If the person you want to be your partner has dated someone who has cheated on him or her, and the experience left him or her with a lot of pain (and insecurity), this event has probably had an effect on his or her Lovemap. Its stuff like this you should be looking out for when trying to read someones Lovemap.

Given their bad experience, they are not going to be attracted to someone who they see talking with lots of people of the opposite sex. So, if the person you like is in this situation, instead of glancing at the good-looking person sitting at the next table in a restaurant, make sure you completely ignore them. Likewise, if the waiter or waitress is hot …don’t give them a second glance. Doing this, will communicate to your dates subconscious that you are someone they can trust and not someone they would have to worry about cheating on them (like their old partner).

Now of course, no one wants to be cheated on; however in the case of someone who was once cheated on, the above actions will have a much more powerful effect on matching their Lovemap (and making them fall in love with you) than the average person. And its these kinds of things you need to be taking advantage of. 

Therefore, to gain an edge in your efforts to attract the particular person you like, your first step is to understand his or her Lovemap. You can do it through casual discussion for example, by asking about their family life, memories from their childhood and things they aspire for in life. You may also be able to glean certain things from their Facebook page in the way they talk about themselves and fan pages they tend to follow. Try to unearth the deeper meaning behind some of the things they do, say and wish for in life.

This Is Why You Need To Stop Listening To So-Called “Relationship Experts”

The majority of people believe that to make someone they like fall in love with them, they need to study books and other material on:

  • Flirting techniques 
  • Dressing style 
  • Chat-up lines
  • And talking etiquette with the opposite sex etc. 

This is what most relationship experts will try to teach you. And while yes, these things can help make you more attractive in general, they will never make the person fall in love with you and see you as “The One”. These things only make you appear attractive in a general sense. By matching the persons Lovemap however, you will become not attractive in general …but attractive to this specific person. 

And if your goal is to make a specific person you like fall in love with you (rather than make a whole bunch of random people of the opposite sex attracted to you) …matching the persons Lovemap is exactly what you should be aiming for. This is what will make them fall in love with you …rather than seeing you as someone that’s simply “attractive”.

Is it ethical to be “making” someone fall in love with you?

Some people might question if it is ethical to "make" someone fall in love with you. This is often the case if such people have been brainwashed by the concept of "fate" or "destiny" that we see all-too-often in Hollywood rom-coms. But the problem here is that these are just myths.

There is no such thing as "fate" or "destiny" and believing in such concepts can actually be quiet dangerous. If you were to marry someone and then find yourself no longer in love with them (for whatever reason), if you believe in the idea of "fate" and "destiny" these concepts can cause you to question if you have chosen the right person as your spouse. You can then start to wonder if you really were "fated" to be with this person at all. This kind of mentality can cause a person to then begin looking elsewhere for the "magical one" that they "should" have married in the first place. This is not a healthy way to think.

Instead of expecting someone to just be your perfect match (as if they were "fated" to be with you and you them), a better way to approach things is to look for key needs they as a person need to have fulfilled (by analyzing their Lovemap) and then satisfying these key needs. When you can make someone fall in love with you like this, this can build your love towards them ...leading to a positive cycle of emotions in the relationship rather than just depending on blind luck that "fate" depends on.

Matching yourself to someone elses Lovemap does require compromise on your part, but all healthy relationships are built on compromise like this. An unhealthy relationship is one where one or both partners refuse to compromise but instead expect the other partner to simply accept them. In practice, this does not lend itself to building a healthy relationship and is a method that should be avoided.