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How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You ...Using Proven Psychology Experiments

It might not sound romantic. And might fly in the face of all those romantic comedies people like to watch. But the reality of the matter is that love can indeed be manipulated.

AND ...this is not mere conjecture. But rather FACT ...a fact that has been proven by several studies conducted on the subject matter, one of the most notable having been conducted by Dr. Arthur Aron at the University of California.

His experiment involved 2 people (who had never met before) being put into a room together. The experiment involved a number of key points. Firstly, before being put in, both individuals were told that the other person was going to like them. Then whilst inside, every now and then, a researcher would come inside and provide them with instructions designed to deepen their relationship with each other.

This involved instructing each person to alter their body language to gaze into the others eyes for long periods of time and share personal stories with one another. At the end of the experiment, the test subjects left through separate doors.

So what happened?

The results of the experiment were quite telling. Most of the people confessed to feeling a deep sense of attraction for the other person after the experiment. Not only that, but the most compelling proof came from the first couple who participated in the experiment who actually got married soon afterwards. This was despite them never having even known each other before the experiment.

According to Dr. Aron, one key component of the experiment that the test subjects mentioned as a highly influential factor in them liking the other person, was being told in advance that the other person was going to like them.

This is an important point. When we know someone else likes us, this in itself can cause us to like them back. And when combined with other factors, can be a leading cause to making us fall in love with another person. In my book “THE LOVEMAP CODE: How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You Using Psychology” I show how to use this psychological fact to your advantage to learn how to make anyone fall in love with you.

Neuro-chemicals May Play A Role

Dr. Larry Young who is currently conducting studies on human monogamy believes that neuro-chemicals may play a role and can actually be used to manipulate love. According to Young, the brain can be conditioned to believe that a certain person is “the one” using a combination of the chemicals oxytocin and vasopressin.

By injecting a person with the right amounts of both these chemicals, love can apparently be induced. Furthermore, although the study is currently in its infancy, it also suggests that a person’s feelings of love can be blocked or otherwise restrained by preventing the body from recognizing these two chemicals.

Currently, the study is still inconclusive and it will still be a long time before any over-the-counter love potions become commercially-available. However, it does provide further food for thought (just like Dr Arons study) on the age old notion that love is an uncontrollable random process based on fate or destiny. In reality, we have a lot more control over making someone fall in love with us than we think.