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How To Make Someone Like You ...By Removing Their "Protection Barrier"

If you want to know how to make someone like you, consider this - Have you ever been in the situation where you were friends with a person and then out of the blue this person started showing interest in you romantically? I have been, and depending on the situation, you may have found yourself starting to look at them romantically whereas before they were just a friend in your eyes.

So how did this happen? They were a just a friend only until the point they started showing interest in you, and then they magically became boyfriend/girlfriend material. This is because the subconscious will always try and prevent you from experiencing pain. This is its basic function.

If it allowed you to romantically like every person you saw, then you would bound to be hurt because you'd be rejected by so many people. Likewise, have you ever wondered why you don't fall for pop stars or movie stars even though they're rich, famous and good looking? You might fancy them but your subconscious prevents you loving them because it knows you can never get them.

How does this allow you to make someone like you? Fall in love with you

It shows that to make someone like you, you must first get rid of this "protection barrier" that their subconscious mind has.

This is an ABSOLUTE must!

But very few people realise it. So many peopel lose out on the person they really like because of this simeple mistake.

Lets say you like someone and approached them and initially got rejected, this might make you feel slow about approaching that person again. However, if you were to approach the person again, slowly their mind would begin to see that you genuinely like them. This would make them feel psychologically safe in your presence and allow them to open up more to you and feel psychologically safe that you would not reject them if they were to return your affection. 

You'd have removed their "protection barrier" ...the first obsticle in the path of getting someone to like you and fall in love with you. Right now, you need to show their subconscious that they can get to like you romantically as you don't pose an immediate rejection possibility. You want to program their mind that you don't pose a threat to causing them pain. They need to feel safe that:

  • First, you like them.
  • Secondly, you won't reject their affections if they showed them back to you.

If someone repeatedly showed interest in you, you would become more and more convinced of the above 2 things. It would make you feel psychologcally safe to get closer to them. You can use this principal to not only make someone like you, but actually make them fall in love with you.

You Need To Show Interest To Make Someone Like You

What the above shows is that the subconscious can be programmed by an outside force. You can use this to make someone fall in love with you. In simple terms, the more you show the person you like that you're interested in them the more they will begin to accept you as a potential partner.

Now showing interest and being needy are two different things:

  1. Showing interest is a strong quality because it shows you have confidence to pursue what you what.

  2. Being needy on the other hand is a negative quality and is unattractive.

How you come across is important in trying to make someone like you and end up falling in love with you. I go through this in my book "THE LOVEMAP CODE: How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You Using Psychology". I also show how to analyse their subconscious mind and use this to make them fall in love with you.

Is it necessary to do anything else to make someone want you? 

Now you might be saying that showing interest alone doesn't necessarily make someone fall in love with you. That’s true. You will only be able to make a person fall in love with you by showing romantic interest if you also pass the specifications of their Lovemap. 

A Lovemap is a list of things a persons subconscious mind deems necessary for a potential partner to have before it will consider them as a potential partner. I go through how to match this list in my book THE LOVEMAP CODE. If you match their Lovemap and make them think about you constantly as a romantic partner, you'll have a very strong possibility of not only making them like you, but in making them fall in love with you.