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How do I know if it's love or just lust? (Love Vs Lust)

Love vs lust - For some people, there is hardly a thin line between the two. They often mistake love for lust and vice versa, leading to hurt feelings and shattered hearts.

It is a must that you should identify whether it is lust or love that you feel in the beginning of the relationship. It will help you save time and also keep you from wounding yourself and your partner. It is best if you know the difference between the two.

Love is…

  • When you go the extra mile to make things work between you and your partner.
  • When you give selflessly and make sacrifices.
  • When you wish your partner the best in his or her aspirations.
  • When you have strong feelings for the person.
  • When you feel extremely and genuinely happy for having someone special in your life.
  • When you are able to discuss your thoughts and feelings with each other.
  • When you know how to compromise.
  • When you accept your partner for what he or she is and let him or her initiate to change.

Lust is…

  • When all you think about is your own welfare.
  • When you treat your partner as your possession.
  • When you just take whatever is given to you without giving something in return.
  • When all you think about is getting sexual gratification from your partner.
  • When you are drawn to a person because of his or her physical attributes.
  • When you make decisions based on what YOU alone think is best and beneficial for you.
  • When you try to change a person into something or someone you’d like him or her to be.

How love affects a relationships health (Love Vs Lust)

Love ensures a long-lasting relationship. It teaches you to be selfless, giving and to put your Love or lust?partner’s welfare before your own. On the other hand, lust is short-lived and makes you greedy. It’s always about you, what you want and never about your partner.

Everybody wants a healthy and successful relationship. Before you could reach this, you have to know each other’s real intentions. Are you building your future together? Or does your partner keep telling you about what he or she wants?

If you answered yes to the first question, do your best to make your relationship work. If you said yes to the second, it’s better to end the relationship as early as now and move on. You deserve better.