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2 Dangerous Myths People Believe About The Body Language Of Liars

When trying to determine if someone if lying to you, very often your gut instinct is the best way to know if something is up. This is because we all have developed an internal system (through trial and error ever since we were children) in determining if someone if lying to us.

Despite this, many people look for further advice on how to spot liars. Its good to be informed, but its important not to depend on advice on how to spot a liar and let this override your own natural ability to sus out when something just isn’t’ right with what someone is saying.

In this article, I want to cover 2 common advices that are often put out there on how to spot liars …because of just how undependable these can be in the field.

Common Advices To Be Careful Of

  1. Eye Contact: Liars avoid eye contact and their eyes tend to move around a lot. However, skilled liars know that shifty eye contact is one indicator of lying. They work hard to maintain eye contact, and often do it longer than the usual. Current studies reveal that liars are likely to maintain more eye contact ...rather than less. So if you suspect someone is lying, but think to yourself that because they are maintaining good eye contact with you  that your gut instinct is wrong, you may be inadvertently falling into the liars trap.

  2. Dilating Pupils: This is a common perception. It's not exactly a myth, but it can be misleading. And research backs this up. Yes, someones pupils dilating can be a sign of lying because adrenalin is being pumped into the body when a person is lying. However, it can also indicate other conditions such as arousal, attraction, or other interests. The severity of the lie may also affect pupil dilation. And in addition, pupils may not dilate when telling small white lies …so its not really a reliable way to know if someone is lying to you or not.

Yes, these 2 signs can be good indicators that someone is lying …but you just need to use some common sense too. The best way to know if someone if lying to you or not, is to listen to both your gut instinct AND a number of body language signs you know to be indicative of someones that’s lying.