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How To Spot A Liar – By Analyzing His Body Language

To be able to spot a liar successfully you need to use more than just your intuition alone. Lets take the situation of if someone came up to you with a smile and said they were depressed, you'd probably find yourself a bit confused. This is because what they're saying is not consistent to the body language of someone that’s depressed - it’s actually the opposite of that.

The fact is you'd probably still believe them because you may think their smile is an attempt to make themselves feel better and be defiant about their depression. So if someone can fake their body language does this mean its impossible to spot a liar by deciphering his body language?

The answer is no. In the above example, the guy manipulated only a simple part of his body language - his facial expressions. Other body language signals are much more difficult to manipulate and are consequently much more telling in being able to spot a liar.

5 Body Language Signs To Watch

To use body language to spot a liar, you need to bypass any of the conscious body language they may be use to mask their lying. Instead you must look at their unconscious body language as well other signs that can show up a liar.

  1. Eye Direction: Research has shown that the eyes look to the left or right depending on whether they're lying or not. Looking up to the left means the person is using the creative part of their brain and are trying to imagine a picture of the story they are telling. Looking up to the right generally means they are remembering an actual image of an event and are just recounting that image to you in words. In essence, you can spot a liar in a high percentage of instances if they look up and to the left when telling their story.

  2. Hands: One way to spot a liar is to keep an eye on his hands as liars have a tendency of hiding their palms. They are also unlikely to look you straight in the eye while lying or sit upright with a straight back.

  3. Story Inconsistencies: Another way to spot a liar is if their story changes over time. Events, times and dates changing will probably arouse your suspicion. However, don't make the common mistake of chalking such inaccuracies up to forgetfulness on their part. The simple equation is that the more lies you tell the more you have to remember and in reality, the person is bound to forget lies they told you previously if they made them up on the spot.

  4. Confidence: Lack of confidence in what their voice is one way to spot a liar. When a person lies they will naturally be less self confident as they will fear you possibly finding out the truth. Peoples voice tend to become lower too when lying as well as slower. The liar might need to slow down his voice if they're literally making up the lies there and then in front of you. They will also come to more abrupt stops in their language as the subconscious scans to examine if what they're saying can be passed off as fact or is there is something in the story that could cause them to be found out.

  5. Appearing Anxious: Every liar will be anxious but to what degree they show it will depend on their skill and experience of lying. When a person is anxious about a subject, they will want to move away from it as quickly as possible to another subject. If you want to increase their anxiousness, keep on talking about that subject to them and asking them questions about it. From there you can access more easily how much anxiety they are displaying.

If you want to spot a liar, the more of the above signs you recognise, the better. A number of the above signs are required to spot a liar as a person could bypass any one of the above and still be lying. You must look at the complete picture and not just focus on one sign. Doing this will give you the best indication of their truthfulness.