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5 Signs Of Lying …That Even Good Liars Find Difficult To Hide

One of the main reasons why lie detector evidence is not admissible in court is due to the fact that in the early days of lie detector machines it was found that if the person was clever enough, they could manipulate the machines readings.

Considering this, it goes to say that even though reading a persons body language is a good way of spotting a liar, if a person can fool a lie detector machine its also plausible that they might also be able to hide their body language from giving away the truth.

So in this article I want to go through some specific ways to spot if someone is telling the truth or not but not using the usual methods of examining their body language but other ways. If a person is trying hard to hide their body language, it might be the case that they are focusing too much on this aspect of themselves while allowing some of the following signs of lying to show more easily.

A Liar May Be…

  • Over Defensiveness: A liar will often state all the possible reasons or evidences that might put him out of the situation he is in. Examples of over defensiveness in action is if the individual gives long speeches, explanations and stories etc to try and back up his story.

  • Have A Stiff Tone Of Voice: If a person is telling the truth, usually his voice will be relaxed and straight which matches to what he says. While a lying person will have a stiff tone of voice with several pauses as he speaks. These pauses are because he is still making up stories in his mind as he “recounts” them to you.

  • Giving Indirect Answers: This can be seen when the individual gives reasons and not a direct answer. Example:

Police: Did you steal the things inside the house?

Suspect: I was out of town that time.

  • Sweating: If you keep on asking him the same questions which you know he will find difficult to answer, a thin film of sweat may be seen forming on his face and hands. Watch to see if he involuntarily wipes his hands on his pants to dry his hands.

But On Body Language…

One neat trick to expose a liar is to try to change your topic suddenly or stop talking about the subject. An innocent person will most likely be confused why the topic has changed. However a guilty one will feel relaxed.

So if you see a sudden change in his body language from being stiff to being relaxed, it might be a manifestation that he is telling a lie.