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Want To Know What Women REALLY Lie About? 

Why do women lie?
And what do they lie about?

While both men and women lie, for the purpose of this discussion I’d like to focus on some common lies women use and how you can correctly deal with them.

If you understand why women lie and what causes them to do so, you'll gain a better understanding of your girlfriend, which can only serve to better your relationship together.

Lies vary in their degrees of seriousness, from simple lies to safeguard her feelings to big lies like cheating and trying to cover over something. If you better understand the psychology of women you'll be able to spot these lies and hopefully prevent situations that lead to her feeling the need to lie.

I want to examine 3 common examples of why women lie.

3 Things Women Lie About

  1. It's ok if you want to go out with your friends most nights: Again, she doesn't mean this and is actually angry you're not spending enough time with her. It's another way of saying she'll dump you if you don't make her a priority above your friends. The reason women lie about this is because they'd come across as a clingy and needy girlfriend if they spoke what's on their mind. When women lie about it, it requires you to figure it out without her actually saying it and so she avoids being seen as needy. If she gives you this line, it is best to presume she doesn't mean it and you should try and spend more time with her from then on. However, if she's overly intent on you not seeing your friends, it could indicate an overly possessive and controlling girlfriend so just be aware.

  2. No, I'm not angry with you: This is an often-used lie by women and it almost always means the exact opposite of what’s being said. It's used as a defense mechanism. No woman wants to seem bitchy by outright saying she's angry but instead would like you to read her mind and figure it out. This way she gets the message across without coming across as a nagging girlfriend. So how do you know if she really is angry when she says she isn't? Basically if it's a lie it'll be accompanied by passive aggressive behavior, mean tones, eye rolling etc. The best way to respond to this type of lie is to call her on the situation and say you know she's angry. This way you both can discuss the situation and come to an amicable solution.

  3. I'm not looking for a relationship right now: If she says this, what she means is she doesn't want a relationship right now with YOU. Basically, it means you've failed to pass her lovemaps specifications and so she doesn't want you as her boyfriend.  If however, she met someone that matched her lovemaps specifications of what a potential partner should be like, she'd happily go out with him despite what she says. To learn how to match a womans lovemap and make her fall in love with you, read my book "THE LOVEMAP CODE: How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You Using Psychology". If you don't want her to fall in love with you, you should just accept the manner in which the lie was told - a soft way of rejecting you. Leave the relationship in an amicable manner by pretending to believe her and keep your dignity intact.

Why Women Lie - Final thoughts

When you know exactly the reasons why women lie, you gain a valuable insight into the workings of the female mind. This in turn can be used to ensure you have a successful bond together as you'll always have a good idea what she's thinking and what she needs.