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Why A Marriage Separation Can Actually Save A Marriage

Divorce is often seen as the inevitable end when a married couple decide to separate. This doesn’t have to be the case. Although seemingly unlikely, a marriage separation may be the one thing that could actually prevent a marriage from falling apart.

Whenever you and your spouse are having doubts regarding your bond as husband and wife, you can’t simply dive into the decision of having a divorce especially if both of you are still willing to give it a shot. Every relationship has its own share of ups and downs. And you being in a down right now is not a valid reason to waste everything that both of you have invested in the past to keep the relationship going.

Giving up should be your last resort. So whenever you’re starting to have doubts with your husband or your wife, pause and reminisce on all the things that you and your partner have gone through. Then, go ahead and ask yourself – Do I really want a divorce?

Marriage Separation Doesn’t Mean Divorce!

Most often, what a couple needs is a break and not necessarily a divorce. Within the context of marriage, this is what we call a ‘marriage separation’. Nasty as it may sound, it actually only refers to spending time apart from your spouse so that both of you have time to collect your thoughts before getting back together.

Think of it as a ‘cool off’. A cool off that could possibly save your marriage. So how does a couple know that they need a break?

  1. Fighting: If you and your partner frequently argue, this is one signal that you need to have time apart from each other. Say for example that you get into an argument and you end up screaming at each other each time you both try to talk. One argument may not be enough to ring the alarm to call it off but when you go through a constant string of arguments, you might want to think otherwise. A marriage separation would be most helpful at these times because both of you would be able to recollect your individual thoughts before attempting to talk to each other and discuss matters.

  2. Together time: Another telltale sign that separation is needed is when either you or your partner no longer invests time in being together. During the blossoming stage of a relationship, it is the exact opposite of this as both partners are constantly longing for each other. Coming to a point when you or your partner frequently finds excuses not to spend time together can be frustrating and is definitely alarming. This is yet another scenario in which a separation might do good because it gives both of you ample space and time to think on your marriage’s future.

  3. Sex: Lastly, when intimacy has died down in your marriage and you no longer feel attracted to each other, then perhaps it would be best that you take time away from each other. Sexual and sensual intimacy is crucial in a relationship and is a strong indicator of the strength of a marriage. If it is fading or has been fully extinguished, marriage separation may help in rekindling the heat and passion between the two of you.

Final Thought on Marriage Separation

Marriage separation is the “make it or break it” point in a married couples life. It does not necessarily entail divorce as a result and may actually be what could save your relationship with your spouse.

A divorce should always be your last option and you should always find ways to keep your marriage intact. A marriage separation may just be the key your looking for, but make it clear with your spouse that you don’t want a divorce – just some time apart to gather each others thoughts.

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