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How To Develop Better Emotional Intimacy In A Marriage

When we talk about emotional intimacy, we talk about true love. Emotional intimacy in a relationship can be defined as an openhearted sense of closeness from one person to another.

And these days, it seems like few people find and enjoy true love. Most find lust and short time pleasures desirable and having no commitments.

However, if your heart yearns to love and be loved in return, you need to develop a deeper emotional intimacy with the people you hold dear to your heart.

4 Ways To Nourish Emotional Intimacy

The following ideas may apply to boyfriends/girlfriends, spouses or even with just plain friends:

  1. Open acceptance: For emotional intimacy to grow and bloom in relationships, the people involved must both be able to feel safe and accepted for what they are. They allow each other to see the person beneath the skin without fear of being judged or criticized for what they are not. No matter how brave we think we are, in the deepest parts of our hearts we are fragile and we only feel safe when those we love are able to accept us at our best and worst.

  2. Laugh together: Humor each other. Laugh at each other’s jokes. Have fun when a joke is cracked and make your friend or partner feel like a genius of humor. Laughing together can only add an element of joy to your relationship, which is a good way of bonding.

  3. Cry together: It can be such a soothing feeling when you know that someone knows and understands your pain and even feels it too. You develop a deeper emotional intimacy with someone who knows what makes your tears drop and shares that pain with you.

  4. Disagree: Developing emotional intimacy with someone doesn’t mean you are obliged to have to say yes to every idea the other person has. In fact, your relationship will even deepen when you are able to respect each other’s different views yet you remain firm and take a stand on what you believe. You can always agree to disagree and learn more of each other’s uniqueness as an individual and develop a deeper emotional intimacy.