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How To Increase You Chances Of Getting A "Yes" Answer When You Propose

Have you decided to pop the question?
And are looking for the best ways to propose?

A recent survey has shown that most women felt "left down" with the way their partner proposed to them. Keep this in mind when thinking of good romantic proposals as a marriage proposal is amongst the most notable points in any woman’s life. And as such, she want her to be able to look back fondly on it.

Bear in mind that a marriage proposal acts as the introduction to the world of marriage as this is when you both agree to spend the rest of your lives together. This is important from a psychological point of view as how you propose is like your advertisement of what married life with you is going to be like.

Consequently you want to do it correctly and with consideration. Some men ruin their romantic proposals by:

  • Doing it half-heartedly

  • Spending too much money on it

  • Or by being overly dramatic

The idea is to do something that you know she'd like and that would mean a lot to her. This generally means proposing in a way that’s memorable but also genuine.

5 Unique Romantic Proposals Ideas

It's always a good idea get down on one knee to propose. It may seem a bit old fashioned and embarrassing, but the fact is that it's tradition, and the woman will want to be able to tell her friends that you did it.

  • Romantic proposal #1: Arrange a date near a lake in a picturesque park. Seat her down on a bench. After talking for a while and soaking up the atmosphere - propose. It’s a simple, yet very sweet way of doing it and she'll always associate that park with you and being proposed to.

  • Romantic proposal #2: Cook a fancy homemade meal and serve champagne. Just before desert - propose to her by leaning across the table and telling you love her.

  • Romantic proposal #3: Hire a small boat or arrange to go on a ferry to a nearby island. Being proposed to in such a way will be a story she'll want to tell her friends. It's memorable without being over the top.

  • Romantic proposal #4: Arrange a walk in some woods that has a beautiful old ruined mansion or castle. When you've both had a wander around admiring it's elegance and beauty, propose to her on the steps of it.

  • Romantic proposal #5: Propose while on holiday. Holidays are a time of excitement and relaxation and people are generally at their happiest while on them. Consequently, proposing at this time will always let her subconscious associate being proposed to by you with excitement and happiness.

Final Thought

Make sure to avoid a marriage proposal that would make her cringe or feel uncomfortable. Ways of doing this could include hiding the proposal ring in a piece of food or proposing at a football match. Women want to feel as though they're marrying a man - not a lame magician or show off.

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