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The Right And Wrong Way To Flirt Online

Essentially, online flirting is done through chatting. And chatting online, like any art, takes practice.

General rules still apply when chatting women up online as in chatting with them in person. But there are significant differences because you’re not physically together and you’re not in the same environment.

Online Flirting Etiquette

Here are some useful techniques to remember when chatting with women online:

  1. Compliments: We all know that women like compliments. However, since you are chatting online, you don’t get to see how she looks in her clothes or jewellery. Since sometimes the only thing you see is her writing, compliment on her style of writing such as her use of words, punctuations, and emoticons, as well as her humor. If she’s slow in responding, compliment her thoughtfulness. If she’s replies quickly, compliment her on her speed in typing.

  2. Trust: Trust becomes harder to build when you’re chatting women up online. So you need to show honesty in your communication as you would in person. If the woman senses continuity in your responses, she will start to develop trust in you over time. Always tell the truth or else she will suspect you’re not being honest when your replies don’t fit together. If you sense that she knows you’re lying, apologize and tell her you’ll make an effort to really be yourself.

  3. Laugh: Chat and have fun. If you do, she will sense that you’re enjoying chatting with her. So develop your humorous and playful side. Avoid talking about religion or politics, which can result to opposing views or beliefs. Also take note that hiding the truth isn’t funny. It can create mistrust or confusion.

  4. Listen: In online chatting, you are assumed to be “listening” if you are attentive to your conversation and respond promptly. If you ask questions about how she feels or how she thinks in relation to your topic, you are showing her that you are indeed listening and interested in her.

  5. Focus: Your focus in chatting women up online should be the purpose of why you are chatting in the first place. And that is to flirt and possibly develop a relationship with a woman. So don’t let the topics you chat about slip your focus away. Always find ways to manoeuvre your conversation back to your focus and make her sense that you want a relationship between the two of you.

  6. Intentions: Women always want to know the intentions of a man. So, don’t be afraid to let her know your intentions. She would even appreciate you for being candid about it. Don’t waste your time pretending. Instead concentrate on letting her know that your intentions are good so you can start building a genuine relationship together.

Online Flirting – Final Thought

Of course, these guidelines also apply when chatting women up in person. Just be cautious when chatting because you can never be fully sure about the person on the other end of the computer screen. The person you’re chatting with might not be being honest with you or maybe isn’t even a woman after all!

And when you both agree to meet in person, choose a public place as a safety precaution. This will make the encounter more enjoyable and relaxed for both of you.

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