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The #1 Trick To Change Your Personality From Negative …To Positive (My Story)

Want to know how to change your personality?
So you can take out the bad parts?

When I was younger, I had a habit that I’m not proud of when I look back on it now. Unfortunately it’s a habit that WAY too many people have. I had the habit of always looking at the negative side of things.

For example, if a petrol station was selling petrol 1 cent cheaper per litre than everywhere else, instead of looking at this as a positive, I’d probably say something like their petrol must be tainted …or that they were only selling it cheaper as a rouse to get you into their shop and buy something with your purchase of petrol.

While these might be valid observations, the problem is that if you always look at the negative side of things (whilst ignoring the corresponding good side of those things), it can cause you develop an overall negative mindset in life.

Inadvertently Programming Your Mind With Negativity

As I’ve gone through previously on this website, your subconscious mind is a bit like a computer. It doesn’t really have a mind of its own but instead is only able to work based on what you feed into it.

If you get into the habit of always looking at the negative side of things, your subconscious will be programmed to view things in a negative light. And given enough time, this sets up a vicious cycle in your mind where you can fall into the trap of always looking for the bad in things …whilst being completely oblivious to the good in them.

This is what had happened to me.

A RUDE Awakening

One day when I was in school, I made a negative comment about some aspect of the class we were doing on that day. Once of my friends pointed out that I had just picked out the one negative in what was an overall good class.

And she was RIGHT!

That was exactly what I had done. I went home that day thinking about what she had said. And it bothered me. Why was I always looking at the negative side of things like that?

And then it hit me…

While there are a number of different factors why a person develops this kind of mindset, the main reason why it actually sticks in a person is because they KEEP doing it. They effectively program it into their subconscious …and so they end up doing it over and over again without even realizing they are doing it.

From that day onwards, I made a conscious decision that instead of looking at the negative side of things, I would make it a point to look for the positive.

The Result?

It changed my life.

I found out very quickly that it takes the same amount of energy to look for the positive side of things as it does to look for the negative side of things. So effort wise, it was the same.

But the results it brought changed my life in a way I could never have imagined. All of a sudden I not only began to see positives where I hadn’t before, but I even began to see positives where no one else was seeing them.

And in seeing these positives, I began to see opportunities.

An Entrepreneur Was Born

One of these opportunities came in 2005. I saw that the kind of relationship advice given on the internet was generally of VERY poor quality. This was because it was mostly created by Internet Marketers trying to make a quick buck.

However, I now looked at this as a positive …rather than a negative. And here’s what happened…

I saw this situation as a gap in the market to create a high quality relationship advice website, one where people could go to get the latest relationship advice that was getting REAL results in peoples lives …rather than the rehashed, recycled garbage everyone else was putting up on their websites simply to fill the pages.

So, I decided to combine my skill set in science and psychology to create …a website which explains in simple terms how psychology works and then how to use this information to the benefit of you and your relationship.

11 Years Later…

As of 2016, has gone on to become one of the leading websites on the Internet providing cutting edge advice in the area of relationships and dating. Based on my research in building this website, I have since written 2 best selling relationship programs: THE LOVEMAP CODE and THE ERASE CODE which have been sold in over 90 countries worldwide.

And how did this come about?

Simple. By making a conscious effort to look for the positives in everything. This doesn’t mean closing your mind to the negatives …but instead making sure to place the EMPHASIS on the positives.

And in this way program your subconscious with a positive mindset …which is the kind of mindset in life that makes things and opportunities happen. Try it!