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How To Convince People Into Your Way Of Thinking

Knowing how to convince people is what separates the successful from the unsuccessful people in life. Consider the following 3 key points when trying to convince someone into your way of thinking:

  • Paint the full picture: Do you know why people sometimes fail at persuasion? It’s because they make the mistake of supporting their ideas with only one or two reasons when trying to persuade someone. This naturally opens the door to the other person to challenge these points directly ...thus lessening the chances of a successful persuasion. Don’t take chances by merely presenting an idea and just hoping the other person will believe you. Let the person see everything that you are seeing instead. Make the other person feel how you felt about the idea when you first believed in it, so he or she will understand why there’s a need to believe your idea.

  • The higher your confidence, the higher your convincing power: You can hardly convince anyone if you don’t sound confident while trying to convince them. It gives the impression that you’re not confident with the truth of what you are saying. Sounding confident has the psychological effect of making people believe you. In the same way as having a big physique would make your opponent in a boxing match think that he would lose.

  • Persuasion doesn’t end with a disagreement: It doesn’t mean that you have to stop convincing a person if that person disagrees with you. The power of persuasion lies in persistence. You mustn’t give up easily. What you need to do is to find out what is preventing the other person from being persuaded and then shake his or her opposing beliefs one by one. You can do this by promptly responding to his or her questions with statistics and proofs.

And Remember...

One of the most important things to remember when convincing a person is that you must convince people without being persuaded yourself by the other person. You will not come off as someone very convincing, if others can easily persuade you against your own beliefs.

It’s a mistake to believe that there are only two outcomes in persuasion which are either:

  1. You convince the other party or

  2. You don’t convince the other party, but your beliefs remain intact.

The truth is when you are not successful at convincing people, your beliefs can be shaken and their beliefs can also influence you. No matter how solid your beliefs were, if you’re unable to convince someone, doubts could start to creep in.

So if, for instance, you're trying to convince someone to give a relationship with you a go, and you allow them to challenge you on a point to point basis, you may very well not persuade the person. But instead, in the process, could allow them to convince you it would never work out ...destroying your confidence to ever try with that person again. So pay attention to the above 3 points when trying to bring someone round to your way of thinking.