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How To Become Popular – Unconventional Trick

I find it a bit disappointing that when you search the term, “How to become popular” on Google you receive simplistic advice such as:

  • “Help others”
  • “Watch the type of clothes you wear”
  • “Make jokes”
  • And “be a better listener” etc

Now, while:

  • Helping others will win you karma points
  • Wearing stylish clothes will help make you stylish
  • Everyone likes a good joke
  • And being a better listener can certainly help with the relationships you already have

…in essence, these are really just weak pieces of advice that will hardly help increase your popularity.

It’s most likely that these ideas are being spread by people who themselves are not very popular or are just idealistic theories on what should make people popular that are not grounded in reality. Here on this website I am seeking to bridge the gap between important self help issues and the inferior content typically found online.

So how can a person become popular?

A key aspect of being popular has to do with what is called “a personal narrative”. All popular people have a well-defined personal narrative.

What makes Justin Bieber so popular? After all, he’s pretty much like any other singer out there. But there is something unique about Justin Bieber. He came to fame in a very unique way through an online video. No one had ever really done this before, at least to the level of success Bieber achieved from it. Biebers story is that of an ordinary person, who uploaded a video of himself and became an instant hit.

His popularity can be attributed to his unique story and the narrative that it tells. He has gained people’s attention in an inspiring and positive way. But, to become popular does not involve having to become an internet sensation, creating a billion dollar business or winning Olympic gold medals etc. It is simply the narrative that your behaviour and life history tell others.

My Personal Experience…

I was never what you would call one of the “cool” kids in school. I was just about average. And when I went to university, this pretty much stayed the same. However, everything changed when I joined the pool club there.

I had always been really into pool and was quiet good at it. I used play in tournaments, won quite a few …and even played on the national pool tour here in Ireland competing against the top professionals. This meant that when I joined the pool club at university – it turned out I was the best player there!

Because of this, I became very popular in the club. All the other players wanted to practise with me and talk about techniques and tactics and so on. This popularity naturally spilled out into my social life and despite being quiet ordinary – I became very popular at university, all without even trying.

This shows the importance of developing “a personal narrative”.

Create A Personal Narrative

If you don’t already have one – you need to create a personal narrative.

An engaging and intriguing personal narrative that impresses others is something that others will naturally talk about and spread amongst themselves. As people begin to talk to each other about it - a form of subconscious mental programming will begin to develop. This is because people can become programmed subconsciously through the repetition of certain ideas.

When someone hears the same impressive story from a variety of different sources they will inherently begin to believe it and act as though it was an established fact. If people begin to share a common and positive narrative about you between each other …then over time that perspective will begin to cement in their mind.

As people’s positive impression of you hardens and spreads …you will become more popular and well regarded. This is not a “quick trick” obviously. It takes time. But it’s one that works very well.