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6 Causes Of Divorce That May Be Outside Your Control

Are you getting married?
And want to make sure you get off to the best start possible?

While the causes of divorce can be numerous and varied, it's important to know that some people can be at a statistically higher risk of divorcing than others. If you see that you fall into this category of people, it will help you better understand your situation and why things are the way they are.

More importantly, it will make it clearer on how you should approach your marital difficulties. Answering yes to most of the following questions means you're at an increased risk of suffering marital problems.

While this in itself doesn't mean a happy marriage is unattainable, each can be root causes of divorce. Therefore, you should pay attention to each and how they can affect your marriage.

Possible Pre-Determined Causes Of Divorce

  1. Were your parents divorced? You can't change this but if you understand what caused your parents to divorce, you'll have a better chance of not making those same mistakes yourself.

  2. Are you getting married young? One of the biggest causes of divorce is getting married too young. The drop off point is usually under 24 years of age as below this people are generally not mature enough in getting married.

  3. Do you earn a low income? Financial troubles can hasten the onslaught of a divorce. This can be seen in a recent study which showed if you and you're spouses income is over $60,000, then you've got a 70% chance of still being married on your 20th wedding anniversary.

  4. Have you finished high school? Statistics show that educated people have a lower divorce rate.

  5. Did you go for premarital education classes? Statistically, a couple that goes for these classes have a 33% reduction in the likelihood of divorcing. This is because people who are serious about making marriage work generally attend such classes. Furthermore the classes are beneficial as their aim is to highlight the common pitfalls of marriage that must be avoided.

  6. Has your spouse a different religion to you? Interfaith marriages throw up additional problems that a regular marriage doesn't have. Couples with different faiths often experience increased difficulty being accepted by their in laws which creates tension.

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