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How To Plan Your Wedding ...Using Visualization

In trying to figure out how to get married, it's a good idea to visualize the day of the wedding from the morning of the day right through to when the dancing finishes and people leave to go home.

This way you can know exactly what needs to be done and how you can make the day as free flowing as possible. It'll also help avoid headaches on your part during the day.

What should i visualize?

That's the thing. Until you actually start visualizing the day, you wont be 100% sure that there is something that you have or have not included on your list of things that need to be done.

So start your visualization from the very beginning of the day, imagining the whole day in every detail. Once you think of something that you hadn't thought of before - add it to your notebook. In addition to this, other things you'll need to plan for include:

  1. The venue: Some venues are literally just that - venues. Others however will include decorations, the wedding cake and catering packages. This means that wedding venue prices can vary widely. Cheaper wedding venues may not be so cheap if you've got to hire outside catering yourself. Consequently, to ensure the best value for money you should examine the cost of a venue that is an all included deal versus the cost of a stand-alone venue and providing the catering yourself.

  2. Shop around: Wedding specific shops can be expensive. It's a good idea to branch out to parenting and events shops and see if you can get items and services at a cheaper price.

  3. The wedding car: It's not really necessary to pay for a fancy wedding car and a driver. If you've got a good new car, or a relative has one, then just put some ribbons on that and use that. The reality is that if your partner and you stay back at the chapel taking photographs, and consequently arrive that bit later to the venue, people won't notice what kind of car you come in.

  4. The flowers: Flowers are one of the hidden expensive costs to any wedding. Fresh flowers for even small weddings can be in excess of $500. Plastic flowers aren't much cheaper. Unless you have access to a big garden, it's hard to cut down on the price of flowers. However, one way to get the best value for money on flowers is note that some smaller flower shops will often include free candles and vases as center pieces for the tables in order to get business.

  5. The church: If you are on a tight budget, you might want to consider picking a church that takes donations for a wedding as opposed to charging a flat wedding rate. A good rule of thumb is to donate $100 if you're going to be seating 100 guests.

Final Thought

In truth, expensive weddings are not necessarily the most enjoyable. Often the simpler weddings are the most fun to be at as people feel their most comfortable in those kind of settings. In addition, if guests notice that the wedding is very expensive and over the top, they may think badly of it.

This is because it's not generally thought of as good sense to spend lots of money on just one day, especially when you have other things such as a house and family to plan for. Consequently don't feel bad if you can't afford a big wedding but rather look forward to the fact that the day is about having fun and marrying someone you love.

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