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Marriage Proposal Ideas - The Do's And Don'ts

When considering marriage proposal ideas, you should try and look at it from the woman’s point of view and try and image how she would like to be proposed to. You'll want the proposal to be something she'll want to tell her friends about over and over again.

Being proposed to is something most women only experience once, so she'll want it to be an experience to remember. The onus for this falls on you. I've set out here a series of do's and don't on marriage proposal to help you make the moment as memorable and smooth running as possible.

Marriage Proposal Ideas - The 5 Do's

  1. Do choose a special place to propose: Think about the things and places that mean a lot to your girlfriend and try and incorporate them in some way into your marriage proposal. This way she'll know you've put real effort into the idea and this will make it that extra bit special. Is there a particular park she used enjoy going to as a child? What kind of things and places always seem to make her happy? If you can incorporate these into your proposal, you'll be forever tied in her memory to these special things and thus you become part of her positive memories.

  2. Do make sure she knows it's coming: Make sure she's comfortable with the idea of marriage and wants it as part of her future. You should also make sure you're compatible on key marital areas such as wanting children etc. While you don't have to tell her outright that you're planning on popping the question, general talk on the subject of marriage will let you know what she's thinks about marriage and whether she sees it with you.

  3. Do let it be a surprise: This follows on from the previous point. While you may have discussed marriage, the proposal moment itself should be a surprise. This way no matter how much you've discussed marriage, the moment you propose will be special. Essentially you'll want to program her mind to think back as fondly as possible on this occasion. Being a surprise helps you achieve this.

  4. Do an introduction to the proposal: One of the best marriage proposal ideas you can do is to give a short run up to the proposal. Tell her the reasons why you love her and what you can see in a future together between you both. Then get down on your knee and say those four words. An introduction like this shows how much you really care for her as you're giving her something more than just those generic four words that everyone uses.

  5. Do buy a ring she'd like: If you're unsure about this; when out shopping with her you can always stop "innocently" at a jewelers window and have her give her opinions on nice rings. Alternatively ask one of her friends or her mother to help you pick a ring she'd like.

Marriage Proposal Ideas - The 5 Don'ts

  1. Don't make it complicated: Complicated usually means tacky. Too complex a marriage proposal can make it seem as though you're more interested in creating a show rather than about what you're fundamentally doing - expressing your love and your wish to be with her for the remainder of your life with her.

  2. Don't propose to her too early: This relates to the long-term viability of the marriage. If you've just been dating for a few months, you shouldn’t really be considering marriage proposal ideas. You won't really be in a position to know if you're suitable for marriage. Such a decision takes time. You may be both head over heals in love right now and wish to get married, but there's no way to know how you'll feel in a few years time.

  3. Don't propose in public: Most women want a proposal to be a special moment just between both of you. If you're planning on proposing in a park or near a particular monument etc, try and pick a time when it will be relatively quiet. By doing this - the moment can be just about you and her. This way the intimacy of the moment is enforced.

  4. Don't make it feel uncomfortable: The worst marriage proposal ideas are ones that make you or her feel uncomfortable. Tying in with the previous point, if it's too public and people are around, she might end up feeling embarrassed which would only spoil the moment. Proposing publicly at concerts and or sporting events can potentially do this. Likewise doing things like hiding the ring in a piece of food etc can make the moment feel tacky and uncomfortable rather than special.

  5. Don't expect a yes answer straight away: Being asked to spend your life with someone is a big commitment. Even though women are portrayed in the media as being the more eager of the sexes to get married and settle down, it's still a big decision to take on board. If she says maybe or wants to consider it - tell her "Of course!" Take it on the chin and don't let it spoil the moment. When she's had time to let it sink in, you'll get your answer.

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