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7 Things You MUST Discuss With Your Partner When Preparing For Marriage

Most of the time, preparing for marriage receives less attention as compared to preparing for the actual wedding. And there is a very big difference between the two. Preparing for marriage means being ready to face married life with all the:

  • The expectations

  • The responsibilities

  • And possible conflicts

It is getting ready for the long journey ahead. Preparing for a wedding on the other hand is all about the wedding details – the invitations, wedding entourage, the dress, decorations, etc. It is only planning for a single day, yet the effort is so exhausting. So how do you prepare yourself for marriage:

  • Make sure that your expectations, goals, and plans are aligned. If there are differences, talk about it and resolve the issue before it becomes a problem later on.

  • If you don’t know where or how to begin in discussing things, seek the help of an experienced couple therapist.

  • Keeping a journal about your concerns or worries before the wedding is also a good idea. It can help remind you to work through the problems first before your wedding day arrives. Your counselor can help you go over each of them as well.

  • Spend time with yourself. You may be so overwhelmed with the wedding preparations that you hardly have time to think about yourself. There is no need to rush a wedding. Give yourself time to make sure that you are indeed ready to be your mate’s lifetime partner.

Have you discussed these with your partner?

Here are some important things you need to discuss prior to getting married:

  1. What kind of home would you like and where do you want to live? This is actually what you picture your home to be.

  2. Discuss your finances. Money issues are very common in married life.

  3. What are your views and feelings about your work?

  4. Don’t be embarrassed to discuss sex. The depth of this discussion depends on your current level of intimacy.

  5. Do you plan to have (or not have) children? If yes, is the number agreeable to both of you?

  6. Determine your limitations for socializing. Once married, you may want your partner to limit going out or socializing with the opposite sex.

  7. Examine your thoughts on religion. This is very important if you do not share the same faith. What religion will the children adopt or follow? Different religious convictions could mean a difference in values and views on particular issues. So work it out before hand.

Discussing these things before they become issues is a wise thing to do. The proper preparation for marriage will help you both build the life you want together.

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