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Why do some people enter rebound relationships after a breakup?

One of the saddest things I see some people do after a breakup is get into rebound relationship after rebound relationship …in an attempt to get over the demise of their original relationship.

Why is this so sad?

Because the more rebound relationships a person has to enter …the more that original breakup has caused them pain and destroyed them. And now they are desperately searching for relief for the immense pain that the breakup has caused them.

This is one of the main reasons that lead me to spend years researching and writing THE ERASE CODE: How To Get Over Anyone In Less Than A Week Using Psychology …and now release it to the public. I didn’t want people to continue to feel such pain after a breakup …but instead I wanted to set them free in a way that no other book ever did from the pain of a breakup.

Often people have more than one rebound relationship

Rebound relationships by their nature are only entered into to ease the pain of the original breakup …rather than being entered into on the grounds of the person actually liking this new person.

And when it comes to relationships, this is not a healthy way to begin one. This is why they have such a high failure rate …and why a person may find themselves having more than one rebound relationship and jumping from one to another after their breakup.

Reasons for multiple rebound relationships include…

  • Haven’t Dealt With Your Recovery Properly: If you haven’t dealt with the previous breakup properly, this will inevitably be playing on your mind all throughout any relationship you now get into. A distraction like this makes it significantly more difficult for this new relationship to grow and develop in a way that all new relationships need to. Consequently, such a new relationship is not likely to last.

  • The High Excitement Potential: When we enter into a new relationship with someone, it can be very exciting getting to know this new person over the first few days and weeks. This excitement often gets misinterpreted as “feelings” for the other person. Then after a few weeks has passed and you have got to know most things about this new person, the initial excitement fades and then you realise that you didn’t have feelings for this new person but instead you were just being excited by getting to know someone new.

  • Inability To Connect: If you feel your ex was “The One”, you will find it difficult to connect on any meaningful emotional level with someone new. This means that any rebound relationship you get into will only be superficial in nature and not contain true closeness, connectedness and intimacy.

  • Comparing New With Old: Following on from the previous point, when you see this is the case, it can make your ex seem like an even bigger prize because they are out-scoring in your mind against this new person who can’t make you feel the same way your ex did.

All these reasons increase the likelihood of the rebound relationship collapsing and you beginning a new one to replace it.

How To Avoid This Happening To You After A Breakup

The main motivating factor behind entering a rebound relationship is …PAIN. You are trying to ease the pain of the original breakup. Therefore, any remedy needs to be focused on this pain you are feeling.

In my book THE ERASE CODE: How To Get Over Anyone In Less Than A Week Using Psychology I show how to remove the pain of the memories of your ex by reassigning different emotions to those memories. This way when something causes you to remember your ex, instead of feeling emotional pain at that memory …you will feel a different unrelated neutral emotion.

When you combine all the techniques in THE ERASE CODE program, it has the effect of allowing you to get over your ex in a matter of only days …rather than the months and years it takes the average person to get over a breakup. This allows you to enter any future relationship for the RIGHT reasons …as opposed to problematic reasons which are motivated by pain from a previous relationship.