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How To Make Dealing with Rejection Easy

The best way of dealing with rejection is to first have knowledge of the psychology involved. At some point in our lives, we all have to face rejection, be it in:

  • Relationships

  • Getting a desired job

  • Or demand for a salary increase

One of the greatest and most damaging fear people can have is fear of rejection. Being rejected can make a person feel small, insecure, unwanted, or worthless.

But knowing that rejection can occur at any time and to anyone, you must have the right perspective about it and learn how to positively deal with rejection.

Steps in Dealing with Rejection

No matter how painful rejection is, know that you can get past it. Here are ways to deal with rejection and getting past the hurt:

  1. Cry as a form of catharsis: Crying can be a healthy form of releasing the pain rather than resorting to other destructive ways of dealing with it. You can cry while talking about it with a friend or you can do it alone.

  2. Don't tie your entire worth in only one aspect of your life: Refrain from making one successful area in your life (ie a relationship, your job, or a business) totally define your worth as a person and who you are. If things start to go wrong and don’t work out in that area, you will only get devastated and all areas of your life will consequently seem to fall apart.

  3. Appreciate what you have already accomplished: When you’ve been rejected, I’m sure that you’ve also accomplished some things in your life already.  It’s because rejection means you’re doing things to achieve something. To make you appreciate your achievements, you may need to remember and write each of them down. Remember, it doesn’t have to be those big accomplishments only. Small successes also count. Read your list every day or as often as you need to. It will remind you that you are not worthless, and that you are far from a failure.

  4. Find out why you were rejected and learn from it: Oftentimes, when we get rejected, we dwell in the pain and neglect doing what’s more important which is learning from the experience. Processing the rejection can be very helpful in avoiding it from happening again. So ask yourself what could be the reasons why you were rejected. You can ask a trusted friend to evaluate you too if you want. And then think of ways that you can improve in those aspects. Usually, we blame those who reject us, but we should also make sure to check ourselves for any room for improvement.

  5. View rejection as a way to greater things: You can deal with rejection more easily if you view it as something positive. For example, if you were not chosen for the job, it could be that there is another much better job awaiting you. If your boyfriend or girlfriend broke up with you, it could be that someone out there who is much better is just waiting for a chance to be with you.

  6. Don’t let a rejection stop you from trying to succeed: If you fail in getting your dream job, don’t let your pursuit for an ideal job end there. There are lots of other jobs out there which could be even better. It may take time before you gather the strength to try again, but bear in mind that only those people who continue to try are likely to get what they want.

The most important thing to remember is that even in times of rejection, you are still a person of value. Never give up and don’t give in to the pain of rejection. When you know how to persevere, you’ll eventually find that there are good things in store for you.