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5 Unusual Dream Interpretations Of Teeth Falling Out

You’re probably familiar with some of the more common dream interpretations of teeth falling out such as being worried about your looks or having feelings of powerlessness in your life.

In this article I’d like to do through some of the lesser known interpretations of this type of dream.

Some Of The More Unusual Explanations Include...

  1. Biblical/Correction by god: You may or may not be spiritual but some believe these types of dreams are god telling us to not put our faith in what man thinks, but in God’s words. This is a scriptural interpretation of teeth falling out. According to the bible, God speaks to us in a vision or dream so as to hide pride from us. He wants to instruct us and correct us by opening our ears spiritually.

  2. Sickness or near death: In the Greek culture, dreaming of your teeth falling out could mean a family member or someone close to you is very sick or may be nearing death.

  3. Being a liar: There is a Chinese belief that people who tend to tell lies often dream of teeth falling out.

  4. Money: The tooth fairy story tells that you will get money if you lose a tooth and place it under your pillow. Although this is an old story, some people believe that dreams of teeth falling out means good luck when it comes to money.

  5. Fear of Change: Most of us fear change and it is said that this fear can be reflected in teeth falling out in dreams. During childhood and adulthood, losing teeth is part of the transition so tooth loss is associated with fear of change. This may be related to your career or in your relationships or to death.

What are the different scenarios in dreams of teeth falling out?

Dreams of teeth falling out are probably the most common type of dream that people have. The odd thing about them is that the manner in which the teeth fall out are quiet varied.

The only tying factor in all these dreams that people have is that the teeth do fall out in all of them. However how they fall out is dependent upon each persons own subconscious. The most frequently reported dreams of teeth falling out include scenarios where:

  • One tooth was falling out or they start falling out one by one.

  • Your teeth started to rot or are crumbling in your hands,

  • You were spitting and find a tooth being spat out.

  • Teeth falling out with just a light tap of the fingers.

  • Their teeth are rotting or shattering like glass

  • Whole sections of your lower teeth or upper teeth falling away from your mouth

Why do we imagine such horror in our dreams?

Every time we sleep, our subconscious mind gets in touch with us through dreams. When the messages are pleasant, we tend to disregard the dream. However when we have a dream as graphic as our teeth falling out, we want to know a bit more as to why we are having these types of dreams.

Generally, in analysing dreams, the emotional quality of the horrifying or disturbing images of the dream is likely to correspond to your emotions in real-life which you have not fully acknowledged or are trying to repress because of fear or because they are too painful to deal with.

This is disguised in symbols and horrifying scenes such as dreams of teeth falling out. Teeth falling out are definitely a highly impacting experience so dreaming about it is likely to indicate fear or anxiety.

Whats the connection between dreams with teeth falling out …and your looks?

Dreams of teeth falling out are often considered to have something to do with the person being anxious over their appearance …worry about other peoples perception of you. But why do people make this association or tell others that this is what this kind of dream means.

The reality is that teeth are a key part of what humans consider to be attractive. Studies carried out show that often at the top of the list of things which people find attractive in the opposite sex is an attractive smile. This finding carried through in research across different countries, cultures, and ethnicities. So it would appear that a nice smile with good teeth are ingrained in us from a genetic point of view of what we consider attractive.

So, if you dream of losing them, you may be having fears of being rejected because of how you look or being less attractive.

But that’s not all

Not only can you be subconsciously worried about your looks, but you may also be afraid of getting older where typically, you lose your teeth. All human beings go through two distinct periods where the teeth fall out naturally:

  1. First is during childhood when our “milk teeth” gets replaced with permanent teeth.
  2. The second is during late adulthood where the teeth fall out due to the ageing process.

If you dream of teeth falling out, the interpretation could be related to a feeling of getting older. A research found that more women in their menopausal stage report dreams of teeth falling out. This seems to support this interpretation of dreams of teeth falling out.