Hi Friend,

My name is John Alex Clark ...and I need to make a CONFESSION.

If I was told a couple of years ago that a book could make someone fall in love with me ...regardless of my looks ...or even if the person had already rejected me -

I would have been sceptical.

However, that was before I studied the psychology of love and discovered something quiet startling. I found that this magical thing called love ...can actually be quiet EASILY MANIPULATED.

Now you may be asking yourself:

But the question you should have asked yourself was:

The answer to this is a resounding YES.

Love has CONTROLS.

Love is an emotion. And just like any other emotion such as anger, stress, fear etc - love too be controlled. The problem is that we have been so conditioned into believing that love is outside our control that people assume that if someone doesn't love you, then that's it - nothing can be done!

The reality however is FAR DIFFERENT.

The truth is that if you know the controls which govern love, you can use them to make a specific person you like ...fall in love with you.

Maybe your situation right now is that:

You are trying to get your ex back after a breakup
There's a guy you like and you want to make him fall in love with you
There’s a girl you like and you want to make her fall in love with you
Or you’re already in a relationship or marriage but the love has gone from it

With ANY of the above situations, if you know the psychological controls which govern love - you can use them to psychologically manipulate the persons mind into falling in love with you.

And PREVENT them from ending up in the arms of someone else ...which WILL be the reality if you don't take the right course of action right now.

Read on, because I am about to REVEAL these controls RIGHT HERE on this page...


Let me tell you a story...

Here goes...

I want you to imagine two people ...10 years from now.

The first person lives in a nice house, has a nice car, has beautiful children ...and is so happily married it's crazy.

This person basically has it all.

The second person lives in a mediocre house, has to trod through hours of traffic everyday to get to a job they don't like. Their children are noisy and their partner is, shall we say "plain" - both inside and out.

This second person married their partner not because they loved them

...but because they had to.

They were the "best" on offer.

The first person on the other hand, got the EXACT partner they wanted, the one they LOVED, and consequently it changed their life for the better.

Now let me reveal something to you...

The 2 people I describe here are...


One version of you got the partner of your dreams ...the other didn't.

Right now you are at the fork in the road that will decide the rest of your life. Whether you get the love of your life in your arms or not will directly affect the rest of your life.

That's a lot to take in right now,

...but it's the unfortunate reality of the situation you're in right now.

If you truly love the other person, you are psychologically bound to look back at this moment in time for the rest of your life.

And while they say "time heals all wounds" - the reality is that when it comes to true love - those wounds never heal. This is going to be a bookmark in the timeline of your life.

And if you fail right now, you'll forever wonder:

"What If" are probably the saddest two words in the english language. But in the situation you currently find yourself, if you don't take the right course of action - they are DESTINED to become very familiar to your vocabulary over the coming years.

That's why I'm here

...to help you take the best course of action RIGHT NOW

Do you want to spend the rest of your life regretting these next few days and weeks and what "could have been" ...if only you had handled the situation correctly?

And watch in agony as "The One" ends up ...in someone elses arms?

And wonder "what if" at the life you COULD have had?


Hi, my name is John Alex Clark from Dublin, Ireland.

I am a Relationship & Life Coach. I've been studying human behavior for over 15 years and hold qualifications in both science and psychology.

I am also an entrepreneur and an author.

These main five components of:

Relationship Coaching
Neuro-Linguistic Programming
And perhaps most importantly - Innovation

...have created a unique skill-set which I have concentrated mainly in the field of relationships, attraction psychology and breakups.

As time went by people began asking me what I was teaching as the results my clients were getting were beyond par with what other professionals were achieving. I didn't let anyone know at the time, but this was mainly due to what I'd been teaching on the practically unknown field of LOVEMAPS.

A field of study, little known of, outside of a small band of pioneering experts.


So what is a "Lovemap" you might ask?

Firstly I should point out that I didn't invent Lovemaps. The term "Lovemap" was given to us by the late famous American psychologist and professor Dr. John Money of the John Hopskins University. He said:

Dr. Rachel Sussman, founder of Sussman Counselling goes on to describe this Lovemap by saying:

Because as Dr. Helen Fisher (currently the most referenced scholar on the psychology of love and relationships) says, this Lovemap is the key that:

Love, just like any other emotion such as stress, fear or anger etc has controls. A persons Lovemap is the set of controls that controls love.

And it's this set of controls that I have discovered HOW TO MANIPULATE ...and use to make a person fall in love with you ...that otherwise wouldn't have done.


After Dr. John Moneys death in 2006, I decided to devout my career to the continuation of his work.

I had been implementing the use of Lovemaps in my teachings up until then. But I now decided to delve even deeper into this field, conducting my own study and research in this area. I showcased my most recent research and findings to my piers and the public on my internationally syndicated website

...continually breaking new ground.

Bit-by-bit, I was UNRAVELLING THE MYSTERY behind Lovemaps …going deeper than even my predecessor Dr. Money had. Through my study, research and analysis, I not only become proficient in the study of Lovemaps, but am now currently recognised as the worlds leading expert in this field.

It was then, almost my accident, that I stumbled upon something. Something that would have far reaching consequences. Through my research, I discovered a LOOPHOLE in the current understanding of Lovemaps.

I asked the question:

And the answer was astounding

…but also kind of disturbing.

I discovered that if you reverse engineered a persons Lovemap, to find out the components that make up that persons Lovemap,

...You effectively have the blueprint to making that person fall in love with you.

And not only that, but you would be able to do it far more EASILY than is probably morally ethical. (But I’m assuming you would only want to do this on someone you truly love and want to build a long-lasting relationship with afterwards.)


But this loophole I had stumbled upon was also proving to be a controversial one.

When I published my first body of work on this, I immediately came under fire from certain elements of the public about the ethical and moral issues of “making” someone fall in love with you.

I even received death threats demanding that I immediately cease my research and study on Lovemaps.

But, I was not going to be deterred.

Getting the love of your life in your arms is the DIFFERENCE between a happy life with someone you love more than anything in the whole world …and living a second rate life with someone plain you had to settle for.

So many lives have been RUINED by losing "The One". And here I was with a discovery that could prevent this.

And so I continued my research.

I drew on some of the most recent scientific and psychological research not only in the field of Lovemaps but also in areas such as:

Subconscious Mind Programming
Subliminal Messaging
Negotiation Psychology
Behavioural Psychology
And more

…to further build on my work.

To date, I have only shared this information a couple of times over the last few years. However, I have now decided for the FIRST TIME to make this information available to the public.

And so after 9 years of research and testing; 

How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You Using Psychology

...has been created.

The MOST POWERFUL program ever at making someone fall in love with you ...and/or in getting an ex back etc.

A program that will literally change everything you ever thought you knew about love …allowing you to make a person fall in love with you, that otherwise wouldn’t have done.

The Psychological techniques in it are completely unlike ANYTHING
you’ve ever seen, heard of, or tried EVER



The program "THE LOVEMAP CODE: How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You Using Psychology" reveals the set of controls that controls love - allowing you to make someone fall in love with you. 

It reveals how to scan a persons subconscious and discover the components that make up their Lovemap. It then shows you how to use these components to program the persons subconscious into falling in love with you.

This is where most advice on:


Most advices give you a "one-size-fits all" general plan on how to get with the person you want. Using this approach is a bit like a shoe manufacturer manufacturing shoes in only one size, and expecting them to fit everyone.

Consequently, those types of relationship advices - NEVER WORK.

The reality is that each plan MUST be tailored to the individual persons Lovemap ...because therein lies the key to building that deep, powerful, attachment in them for you ...making them fall in love with you.

Each of us has our own unique Lovemap or code which makes us fall in love - The Lovemap Code. This is what you need to understand about the psychology of love.



The Lovemap Code would be pointless if it couldn't achieve that.

The POWER of unraveling a persons Lovemap is that it enables you to make the person fall in love with you REGARDLESS of:

Your looks
Your personality
Or how much money you make etc

This is because none of these have to do with a persons Lovemap. These are artificial things which we have been brainwashed into believing ever since we were children are what will make a person fall in love with us.

As you’ll know, even the most beautiful and richest of celebrities often end up divorcing. This is because they think they can use artificial things like looks and money to make a person fall in love with them.

The reality however is that what makes a person fall in love with you, what makes their heart BEAT with that UNCONTROLLABLE EMOTION and LONGING FOR YOU, and have you on their mind from the moment they wake up, until they go to sleep at night is by you getting inside their head

...and matching their Lovemap


Not only that, but if the person has already rejected you, all you need to do now is begin work on matching their Lovemap in order to make them fall in love with you. It's as SIMPLE as that. I reveal how this is done in the program.

So regardless of your situation, the program: THE LOVEMAP CODE: How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You Using Psychology …can and WILL work for you. 

Because this program is based on psychological principals, it has a solid universal aspect to it. This sets it aside from any other relationship book on the market.

So if you think your relationship situation it too unique, I assure you the program will help you. And it comes with a guarantee on just that aspect of it.


The program consists of 3 PARTS:

    This is the main part of the program - the pdf ebook:

    "THE LOVEMAP CODE: How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You Using Psychology".


    The program comes with a 5-part-video course:

    "FATAL LOVEMAP MISTAKES You're Making Right Now ...But Don't Realize".

    ...which you will be able to view online. If you haven't succeeded in making "The One" fall in love with you ...it's because you've made one of these key Lovemap mistakes. And the strange thing about it is that you will have made one or more of these mistakes right now ...but actually have thought what you were doing was a good thing. That's why they are so fatal.

    If you're making just 1 of these mistakes ...just 1, it will block them from EVER falling in love with you. If you've already made one or more of these, they all can be easily fixed once you know what they are.


    The book and video course above go through the psychology involved in how to make someone fall in love with you. Once you know this information, next comes the "Specific Situation Training" manual. This is a comprehensive 140+ manual which will hold your hand through the exact step-by-step process to implementing THE LOVEMAP CODE program for YOUR specific relationship situation

    ...whether you want to use the program to get your ex back, make a guy you like fall in love with you, make a girl you like fall in love with you ...or save an already existing relationship/marriage that's in trouble.

    It covers a large array of factors that will be in play in your situation ...EVEN factors which you are currently not aware of. This ensures that all angles of your situation will be covered and you won't have to second guess ANY action you should be taking right now. Everything is covered in this manual.


    How to scan your target persons subconscious in order to discover the components that make up their Lovemap (...And then use this information to make them fall in love with you).

    You'll discover why physical good-looks has nothing to do with the psychology behind making someone fall in love with you (...And the scientific evidence which proves this).

    How to discover a persons insecurities and weaknesses and use this information to make them fall for you.
    The truth about whether opposites attract or not. (The answer is not what you might be expecting!)
    A WEIRD PHRASE you should keep repeating to the person that will make them think you are "The One".

    Why psychology hasn't been able to explain love in the 100's of years that psychology has been studied ...and why it's only now, in the last few years that psychology has reached a point where it can FINALLY UNLOCK the secrets of love (...and why The Lovemap Code program is at the forefront of this breakthrough).
    How to use the love the person has for their parents ...and project that exact same inherent love onto you.

    (NOTE: You don't even have to have meet their parents to do this!)

    The exact cologne or perfume you should wear when with the target person. (HINT: It's 99% likely NOT what you're wearing right now.)

    What to do if the person has started seeing someone new or is about to. (Handle this the wrong way ...and they could be in SOMEONE ELSES bed within weeks)
    2 ways to subliminally program the persons mind that the two of you are "destined" to be together. (If a person doesn't see you as their destiny, they will NEVER TRUELY love you.)
    How to change a negative opinion the target person may currently hold of you into a POSITIVE one. (If you don't do this, you can forget about them ever falling in love with you.)
    A sneaky psychology trick that can increase your attractiveness by MULTIPLES ...no matter what kind of looks you may have.

    (You should be doing this trick RIGHT NOW)

    How to set up your Facebook page so that it matches the components of your target persons Lovemap. (P.S. If you don't have a Facebook page, don't worry! - This is simply an extra bonus technique)
    FINALLY, the answer to the age-old question of - "Should you play hard to get?" (This is getting incredible results with users of The Lovemap Code program.)

    A HUGE MISTAKE 90% of people have made by the time they get The Lovemap Code program, and how to reverse its DISASTEROUS effects.

    (WARNING: You've probably made this mistake already and ironically thought what you were doing was a good idea!)

    How to apply Operant Conditioning on the person to make them addicted to you.

    How to use the positive emotions the person feels about certain things such as hobbies and favourite places etc ...and psychologically transfer the way they feel about these things onto YOU.
    The RIGHT and WRONG way to make someone jealous.

    (CAUTION: Do this the wrong way ...and you could block their subconscious from ever falling in love with you. We'll also go through how to reverse it if you've already made this mistake.)

    A sneaky psychology secret about love from Romeo & Juliet ...and how to use it to padlock your target persons mind on you. (P.S. This will prevent you from ever being dumped when you begin your relationship with this person ...GUARANTEED)
    A little conversation trick that ensures they will always enjoy talking with you ...EVEN IF you don't consider yourself a good speaker.

    What a "pointer" is ...and why you NEED to recognise them when the target person gives one.
    The ONE WORD more than any other that causes people to fall in love when you say it to them ...but almost no one ever uses (This is a particular favourite of mine!!!! )
    A mind trick will change EVERYTHING about the way the target person currently views you.

    (NOTE: If you've been dumped or are in the "friend zone", this ONE THING will swing EVERYTHING back in your favor ...And it's incredible easy to do!)

    The SINGLE MOST effective body language technique you can use on the person that will instantly draw them to you. (The weird thing is this technique is practically unknown of in body language literature)
    A secret subliminal mind trick that high-end hotel and airline staff use on customers to make you more agreeable to what they want you to do. This will increase your persuasiveness over your target person.

    (HINT: You'll never look at hotel and airline staff the same way again!)

    How to trick the persons mind into releasing Oxytocin, Serotonin and Vassopressin (the chemicals that cause a person to fall in love) into the persons bloodstream at the exact moment you are talking to them.

    (This tricks them at a biological level into falling in love with you ...all without them ever realizing what's happening)

    A powerful eye hypnosis trick that will leave the person thinking about you for HOURS afterwards ...and not have a clue why they are thinking about you so much ...making them fall for you, all without you even being present.
    And a lot lot more!


You’ll be relieved to know that the program contains no “filler” content ...and doesn’t give
useless advices like:

"Be nice to them"
"Show them your worth being with"
Or "buy them gifts" etc.

But instead is solidly packed with psychological techniques and methods NOT KNOWN to the general public ...that will allow you to tap into the "psychological triggers" of the other person …making them fall in love with you. 


But don’t take my word for it, here’s is just what a few people who have used The Lovemap Code have had to say:


So let’s see what a typical customer of The Lovemap Code has had to say about it:

Even though the program draws on complex psychological tactics, it has been written in a way that can be easily understood and implemented by anyone.

This was a key aim of the book.

You get the benefit of the most powerful psychological techniques available ...while not having to be an expert to put them into action ...and get the RESULTS!

The Lovemap Code takes all the guesswork out of how to make someone fall in love with you. It makes what would be an ordinarily hit-and-miss process (i.e. making someone fall in love with you) significantly easier.

...REGARDLESS of how hopeless your current situation might seem.


Before I tell you why some people shouldn't read this book, I need to explain something to you...

The reality of life is that knowledge can be used for both good and bad purposes. Nuclear energy can be used to create energy to heat homes and schools but it can also be used to build bombs that kill people.

The information I am about to share with you can also be used for good or bad purposes. Therefore I have just one thing to ask:

PLEASE DON'T READ THIS BOOK if you are not truly serious about the person.

If your intention is to make a person fall in love with you that you have no intention in going out with, I'd prefer if you didn't read it.

This book is not to be used to make an ex fall in love with you as a means of revenge, only for you to then go off with someone else. Or any other type of situation that doesn't involve you trying to make someone fall in love with you that you don't intend on having a FULL, LONG-LASTING and GENUINE relationship with.

YES THE BOOK WILL WORK!! ...so you shouldn't play around with it. It shouldn't be used for fun but only used for good purposes. I don't want to be the cause of unnecessary suffering on the part of others. That's not why I spent years researching and writing it and now made it available to the general public.


No one at this website ever sees your credit card details (even if we wanted to). A registered third party (Clickbank.com) specially designated for the secure handling of credit cards carries out all transactions.

It doesn't get any safer than that!!

In addition, for privacy reasons the product brand name will not appear on your credit card statement. Instead you will see it discretely displayed as simply "CLKBANK*COM".

And that applies WHERE EVER you live in the world be it the USA, Canada, The UK, Australia or where-ever.

And to make things even more risk free for you, the program comes with a 60-day money back guarantee:

And when I say no questions asked, I mean no questions asked. You will not have to give a reason why you want a refund ...or anything like that.

That's how CONFIDENT I am about the RESULTS this program WILL bring you.

So you will get FULL ACCESS to the book, be able to view the 5-part video course and the bonus manual ...and be able to get a 100% FULL REFUND (no hidden charges or anything like that) if you're not happy with it. It won't cost you 1 cent!!

That's like going to the cinema, and being able to get a refund for a full 60 days afterwards if you didn't like the movie. And not have to give an explanation as to why you didn't like it !!

So get the program NOW, its completely risk free. I've taken all the risk out of it for you.


If there's one thing that's sure about peoples situations (and it applies whether they're single or in a relationship), its that they are almost always COMPLICATED ...in one way or another.

And I'm guessing your situation right now is no exception.


This is why, in conjunction with the The Lovemap Code program I also created:

How To Get Over Anyone In Less Than A Week Using Psychology

...And which I am giving away with The Lovemap Code as part of a SPECIAL PACKAGE.

Most people think that the only way to get over a break-up is time ...and that you have no choice but to go through the IMMENSE SUFFERING between now and then

...whenever "then" is.

(In some cases this is years ...for others they NEVER get over it).

However, through my research I discovered that time could be bypassed. And consequently so too the immense pain you are feeling right now. It can all be TOTALLY ELIMINATED.

And furthermore, it can be eliminated in a matter of only days and not the potential years it takes some people.

This is what THE ERASE CODE: How To Get Over Anyone In Less Than A Week Using Psychology program does.

If you think that the person is "The One" and you loved them strongly, you will have no emotions towards them after this. Moreover, breakups will never affect you the way they did before going through this program.

The program comes with a 100% guarantee that the bad feelings you are experiencing right now will be noticeably diminished within the first 5 days, and be completely removed 1 week from now. 

This is because it doesn't contain useless advice such as:

"Be strong"
Or "stop thinking about him/her" etc

...but rather is based on scientific research not known to the general public.

It reveals the psychological triggers that cause us breakup pain and how to switch them off, one by one …and do so in a matter of only days.

It taps into your mental psychology and reprograms it back to the way you were before you ever met them.

It's like a rewind button on a DVD player

Like The Lovemap Code program, The ERASE Code program comprises a pdf book and a 5-part video course. The whole program is about the same in terms of size as The Lovemap Code program. 

    Why you shouldn’t listen to all those so called “experts” or “gurus” out there on topic of how to get over someone (All they provide are superficial advices that won’t ease your pain on any noticeable level).

    The ONE THING (more than any other) you need to do right now to make sure you permanently get over your ex.

    (NOTE: If you don’t do this, you could very well still be thinking about your ex YEARS FROM NOW.)

    How to use “cognitive restructuring” to re-wire your brain away from thinking that your ex was “The One”.

    A brand new discovery in neuro science which proves that the brain can physically disconnect memories of an ex (And which I reveal for the first time in THE ERASE CODE program!)
    How to remove your exs name from your mind forever.

    (NOTE: You will never again feel that chill down your spine, anytime someone mentions your exs name.)

    How to stop mind-wrecking questions dead in their tracks from swirling around inside your head such as “Did I do something wrong?”, “Is there someone else?” “Is there still a chance they might change their mind?” etc etc.
    A psychology trick that will instantly prevent you from looking for faults in your looks or personality etc. to blame for the breakup.

    How to use “classical conditioning” to prevent everyday things and places from constantly reminding you of your ex.
    A reverse psychology trick to do if your ex starts seeing someone new that will have THEM tearing their hair out in anger ...rather than you.
    How to handle situations where you work with your ex or go to college together.
    What TO DO and what NOT TO DO right now ...with regard to your ex on Facebook.

    A weird trick using a rubber band that stops even the weakest of minds from day-dreaming about their ex.
    The answer to that age-old question “should you be friends with your ex?” – The answer is NOT what you think!
    A sneaky trick your mind is playing on you right now ...that is making your pain 10 TIMES WORSE than it should be (and how to stop this dead in its tracks).
    How uncertainty about the future magnifies the pain after a breakup ...and how to easily neutralize this factor of your pain.

    How to deal with what your frenemies think of the breakup.

    (NOTE: This trick will put them firmly in their place right now.)

    What “normopathy” is, how it is exaggerating your pain right nowAND how to banish it using a simple psychological mind trick.
    How to get over your ex if you were overly dependent on them for things such as approval, re-assurance, or for a social life etc .
    A powerful psychology trick to get over your ex ...even if you think it was “destiny” or “fate” that had brought you together in the first place.

    How to reduce the chemical levels of oxytocin and serotonin in your body right now.

    (NOTE: These are the chemicals causing you to feel love for your ex and making you feel deep pain right now.)

    And a lot lot more


I have helped 1000's of people forget about their ex using the techniques in this book. And YOU can become one of them starting today.

Readers of The ERASE Code program have found that it has changed their life:

They say "time heals all wounds" - but the REALITY is that when it comes to true love -

Those wounds NEVER heal

...if left to their own devices. Outside help IS required to psychologically re-map your mind back to the happy care-free state you had before.

As you currently are, if you truly love your ex, this breakup is destined to be a bookmark in the timeline of your life. If you don't take the right action now, you could find yourself forever stuck on that bookmark and not being able to move forward.

Do you want that?

Trust me ...you don't.


Knowledge is power, and with the two programs:

How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You Using Psychology


How To Get Over Anyone In Less Than A Week Using Psychology

That power is NOW in your hands.


I normally charge $74 to buy both these programs

(Indeed if you buy both programs separately, that's what it costs: $37 + $37 = $74 )

However... I found that 9 out of 10 people who purchased 1 program also bought the other program. This is why i've now decided to offer both programs together in one special package for ONLY $47 !!

Yes that's right!!

That's an INCREDIBLE 73% automatically off the price of one program.

I want to make sure everyone gets the opportunity to avail of the RESULTS both programs bring.

To get your copies now, simply click the "Add to Cart" button below. Then on the next screen, fill in the short form and you're done! That's it! :-) Nothing more!

For convenience, both programs are digital in format (pdf ebook downloads and online streaming video etc). This means no shipping costs, and no waiting around for them to be delivered to you.

Instead you will be able to access the programs IMMEDIATELY via the online portal (Even if it's 4am on a Sunday morning!!).

It doesn't get any more convenient than that!



When you purchase the 2-program special package for $47 you will also receive the following 4 bonuses ABSOLUTELY FREE!



No need to trod through the PDF ebooks, but instead simply plug in your ear-phones, sit back and watch the entire books presented in full my me, via powerpoint video presentations. These will be delivered straight to your membership area.

Customers are going nuts over these!!



This is an exclusive no-holds-barred access to past readers situations. We'll be going through 20 case studies discussing in detail their situations, problems they had, mistakes they were making (without even realizing it!!) and how each one was resolved ...leading to success.

You will be able to compare your situation with that of 20 other people who've already gone through the program. It doesn't get any more intimate than this!



Like the previous bonus, again we'll be going through 20 intimate case studies of people who have used THE ERASE CODE program.


The above 2 bonus courses have been compiled in such a way that every video contains a brand new technique or information not contained in the main THE LOVEMAP CODE or THE ERASE CODE programs.

As a result, customers of the main programs are getting faster and better results ...using these video courses.



This is my renowned 6-week confidence coaching email program "How To Implant Confidence Directly Into Your Mind" ...that reveals how to embed confidence directly into your psyche.

...EVEN IF you've never thought of yourself as anywhere near confident. This program amplifies the results achieved in THE LOVEMAP CODE and THE ERASE CODE programs.


But act quick!!

I am currently planning on charging $97 for the above "4 Bonus Upgrade Package".

However, if you purchase THE LOVEMAP CODE + THE ERASE CODE today, you will get these included for FREE.



So what are you waiting for?

Click the "Add to Cart" button NOW!

P.S. You also have the option of purchasing each program separately.

To only purchase:

How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You Using Psychology



To only purchase:

How To Get Over Anyone In Less Than A Week Using Psychology



P.P.S. Remember, to take advantage of the special $47 offer, both books MUST be purchased in the one transaction using the "Add To Cart" button. Currently, 9 out of every 10 people are taking advantage of this two program special offer for $47

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