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8 Surprising Statistics About Affairs In Marriage

Affairs in marriage have shown a marked increase in recent decades. They are no longer strange events but seen as part and parcel of the hurdles that a marriage must avoid or cope with if the relationship is to succeed.

Recent statistics have also shown that affairs in marriage by women are on the rise. While men still "hold the lead" in this regard, it may not be long more before men and women have an equal footing in having affairs.

I'd like to examine some of the more recent statistics in regard to affairs in marriage. A better understanding of how and why affairs in marriage occur can help in preventing them in the first place.

The Latest Statistics

While statistics as regards affairs in marriage can vary between the different statistical organizations, they all give a general idea on the numbers of what’s happening.

  1. 90% of all divorces are as a direct result of affairs in marriage.

  2. 4 out of 5 people, who get divorced while having the affair, regret getting the divorce.

  3. Affairs in marriage last on average between 2 to 4 years.

  4. Divorce rates for people who marry the one they had the affair with is 75%.

  5. After having a divorce, 51% of the women and 32% of the men stay angry for 10 years about what has happened.

  6. Women tend to have more difficulty getting into a new relationship after the divorce than men do.

  7. Once affairs in marriage become known by an outside person, the affair is doomed.

  8. Affairs in marriage die the same way marriages die - due to a lack of good intimacy.

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