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3 Kinds Of Software That Can Catch Cheaters Red Handed

Trying to get cheaters caught can be a hit and miss process if you don’t have the correct know-how. If you suspect that your loved one is cheating, then no doubt you will spend many a night wondering where they are and what they're doing.

If you're married then you'll be wondering where they really are each evening. You'll also be agonizing over the possibility that they may have been having sex with someone else that day when they walk in your door.

This constant worry invariably does nothing good for your physical health as well as your mental health. Consequently, I always recommend getting an answer to the question one way or another.

If you feel you can ask your partner out straight if they are cheating, then its good to do that as its the most honest and healthiest way. If however, your partner often lies about things, then you'll have to go down the following routes.

Disclaimer On Using The Following Information

The following methods to get cheaters caught will involve deception on your part. While they may reveal if your other half is cheating or not, the fact that you're using them means your relationship probably has problems even if it turns out they aren't cheating.

If this is the case then I recommend getting relationship help from a trained counselor on the matter. I should also point out that if you get caught using these methods it could possibly damage your relationship further. Consequently, you use the following methods strictly at your own pearl:

  1. Key-logging Software: If you've got access to your partners’ laptop or computer, this method is applicable to you. You're probably aware that software exists that logs the keys pressed so as to see what was written on the computer.

    The new versions of such software take screen snaps of the computer screen. This is necessary as many infidelities take place on internet dating sites and in so using the software you will have access to the full information on their lovers profile page including picture and the general area they are from.

    It will also take screen shots of the email your partner reads so you find out not just what your other half is writing, but also what their lover is saying to them. This is crucial to get details such as phone numbers and meeting up times. This information is then sent via email to your own computer.

  2. Text-Message Spying Software: If your other half is cheating, they will invariably have to use their mobile phone to contact their lover. If you're in a position of being able gain access to this mobile phone for even only a couple of minutes, then this method applies to you.

    You can purchase software from the Internet that will upload undetected to their mobile phone. Once installed, go online to get full access to all their text messages both received and outgoing. This only works on newer type phones so if they have an old one, you can take the opportunity of buying your partner a new one and have the software already installed.

  3. Conversation Recording Software: This method applies if you both share a house phone. This is similar to the above method except the software you can get for this will actually record the conversations being made. Again it can be bought from the Internet through a simple google search.

    The application only records the phone calls so you will have them all at your access at the end of the day or weekend to listen to. You can just bypass the conversations you don't want and listen in on the ones your partner didn't want you to know they made.

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