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Could simply the "excitement being gone" be enough to cause a woman to cheat?

Some guys will ask this question if they think that their relationship with their girl is not as "hot" as it was in the beginning. The reality is that this is a complex question as "excitement" comes in many different guises in a relationship.

In this article, i'm going to discuss the different ways that excitement can go from a relationship from a girls perspective and, in this way, be able to spot the parts of your relationship which you may have neglected to maintain over time.

The Relationship Between Cheating Girlfriends And "Loss Of Excitement"

  1. Ego Excitement: A girl could have a good stable relationship with her boyfriend but still feel the need to look for the ego boost of knowing she can attract other guys. This is generally as a result of a lack of self confidence in the woman. Even if her boyfriend is reassuring, she can still feel this need to "prove herself". To combat this, the girl needs to work at building her self confidence so she doesn't feel the need for validation by others to make her feel worthy.
  2. The Excitement Of Being Prized: Being taken for granted is high on the list of reasons for cheating girlfriends. In essence it means the relationship got stale. The guy stopped making the effort he did in the beginning of the relationship and an uneasy sense of routine and boredom set in. The problem is that she may perceive new sources of excitement in other guys she meets in her life. Consequently she may find herself tempted to get together with one of them.

  3. The Excitement Of Intimacy: This is similar to being taken for granted except it’s advanced to the stage where intimacy is gone. Now you're a couple but you lead separate lives. You might think it's more fun to spend the evenings out with your buddies but the flip side is that your girlfriend feels a loss of connection with you and begins to question your relationship together. When you both spend time apart doing other things, the chances are that she'll start to find herself having more things in common with other people in her life than with you.

  4. The Excitement Of Meeting "The One": At the beginning of a relationship people are often caught up in the fantasy of their romance. Such fantasy can cause them to overlook flaws in their partner. However in time, you will start to see these flaws, which you had previously overlooked. Sometimes the woman may find that the guy is either not who she thought he was or he hadn't changed to be the man she'd have liked him to be. This is particularly true of rebound relationships. The girl may be so eager to make herself feel better at the ending of her previous relationship that she's willing to go out with any man in order to make herself feel better again and willing to overlook his flaws at that time.

And Remember...

All relationships have a natural excitement level to them which you will want to make sure that you maintain. Sometimes when women find their relationship has fizzled out, they may long to get some of that old excitement back.

In such a situation, the woman will often look for an excuse from her boyfriend to cheat to justify her actions.  If a man gives her this excuse, such as not paying enough attention to her, her subconscious latches onto this as her excuse for wanting to cheat. She reasons that it’s his fault she cheated.

The strongest way to protect yourself from such a situation is to keep excitement current and in the relationship. It’s also important to develop good communication skills in the relationship so that any grievances she may have can be aired and fixed in time.

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